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Experience Lisbon Like a Local with LX GUEST

Lisbon; a highly popular getaway destination for its culture, food, sight-seeing and accessibility. Those who would rather explore Lisbon in comfort and true local style would be wise to experience a unique VIP service that will not only look after you but provide whatever it is you’re looking for.

Introducing LX GUEST, founded by ex-wealth manager Bruno Silva, who decided to embark on this concept in his hometown of Lisbon. After having worked for many years in various cities across Europe and abroad, Lisbon became his final destination. He realised that there was a strong and sufficient need for a lifestyle service that didn’t just focus on the luxury aspect, but the cultural and historical aspect as well. With his passion for cars and a genuine love for his hometown, Bruno set out to create LX GUEST to provide visitors with superior comfort in exploring Lisbon whilst also providing unique stories, facts and local tips to enhance his guests overall experience of Portugal so that they leave with a deep respect and knowledge for the country.

Rather than a service, its purpose is to enhance ones experience when visiting Portugal. These days it’s becoming more apparent that travellers crave something more than what a typical tourist might do out of their itinerary. Travellers are keen to know what is truly local and they want to be treated not as a complete outsider, but as a discoverer willing to learn and admire the local flair. LX GUEST hone in on this ‘desire’, not just in Lisbon but throughout Portugal. To ensure that our members and readers receive a second to none experience, we sampled an itinerary with LX GUEST to test their services first-hand. Our itinerary consisted of a day trip to the popular town of Sintra to visit the Pena Palace and the Monserrate Palace, both great attractions.

We were met by Bruno at 9AM on the dot at the lobby of our hotel, after which a BMW vehicle was fetched to take us to our destination approximately 40 minutes away. To our surprise we didn’t encounter any traffic and arrived at Sintra bang on time. During our ride there, Bruno provided us with a detailed story of the Palaces we were due to visit. What is so distinctive about Bruno is his great story-telling; unlike a tourist guide or driver, he simply represents his ingenuity for his city without over-exhausting the details. He is calm, collected and courteous and wants his staff to embody the same attitude and attention to detail as he does. We were dropped off directly outside Pena Palace’s gates which meant we did not have to take the tiresome trek uphill. Bruno’s tip for us was to purchase the entrance ticket and bus ticket together so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the climb up the hill especially as we had our toddler and buggy in tow. This tip proved highly useful, as we soon realised that many tourists did not know to purchase a bus ticket.

After an hour or so at Pena Palace, all we had to do was text LX GUEST that we had finished our excursion, and within a minute the car arrived directly outside the palace’s gates so that we could venture onto Palace Monserrate. What we thoroughly enjoyed about LX GUEST is that they arrive as soon you need them, and they leave you to explore areas as you wish, without interfering. They are discreet when they need to be and there were no communication barriers whatsoever. After our palace excursion, we made our way back to Lisbon, only for Bruno to recommend checking out Belem. On the way to Belem, Bruno provided insightful and intriguing stories about Belem and namely the story behind Pasteis de Nata so much so, that we made sure it was the first place we stopped at on our arrival to Belem.

It’s no wonder that Starbucks CEO chanced upon LX GUEST and decided to use Bruno’s VIP service to explore Portugal in privacy, in a way that isn’t possible by simply using the hotel’s luxury car service. With LX GUEST, you receive lifestyle-seeker type insider access.

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