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A Tool Case You can Travel With for Generations to Come – The Only Tool Case You’ll Ever Need

If there’s a tool case out there that is so exquisite beyond measure yet highly functional and bespoke there is only one brand that does it. This is perhaps the only tool case needed for those that appreciate fine craftsmanship and beauty.



A small company in Basel creates the highest quality of tool cases using solid Swiss pear wood. The beauty of it is that it is so compact yet it affords the finest selection of tools to get handiwork accomplished. The intricacies of each tool have to be appreciated for each is handmade to precision whilst taking into consideration the functionality part of it. For example, each of the five screwdrivers that it comes in has individually turned handles and one of them has twelve interchangeable heads. Each piece within the tool box is placed in symmetry by way of strong magnetic retainers so one can easily prop the tools back where they belong without having to worry about pieces going all over the place. You can clearly see parts and tools where they belong in this solid wooden case that has been meticulously sanded by hand and finished with pure organic wood oil. Oh, and there’s a leather handle to match of course. Not only is this the on-the-go-tool case, it is undeniably stylish and refined, if not a bit old school.


Included in this fine crafted Wohngeist tool case are 24 quality handmade tools, 7 of which are screwdrivers. There is also a hammer, a chisel, pliers, and a ruler, and it wouldn’t be called Swiss without an army Swiss knife of which is included in the case. For the woman or man at home, you can find everything you need in this handy case which is available in three different types of wood: Pear, Walnut and Plum.


When it comes to craftsmanship we must thank Wohngeist/Wood & Luxury’s founder and designer, Stefan Senn. For it is because of him that he continues to keep such traditions alive along with his team of craftsman. Spanning four generations, Wohngeist extends its expertise not just to tool cases but to a catalogue of other bespoke furniture and fixings such as kitchen and dining, living (take a look at their OFURU wooden bathtub), and even children’s wooden toys. Due to their expertise in craftsmanship they also offer consulting, project management and restoration. We’re sure that should a client wish for something fully customisable that Stefan and his team can put it together with precision.



We are proud to know that Stefan’s company is dedicated to a sustainable business model not only in its products but in its employees, offering a “family oriented workplace which exceeds the Swiss regulations GAV (Gesamtarbeitsvertrag). From wood to finishing’s, almost 95% of their production utilizes natural materials and eco-friendly products.


Though the price may be steep, this is a tool case that you can pass onto generations to come. A tool case that one must appreciate in all its beauty, form and precision. A tool case you can travel with.

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