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Push the limits of your body with the IGO Norwegian Challenge

Avid explorers and ultimate Sybarites, Bobby Melville and Sam Browne have joined forces to create the first in a series of challenges defined and designed to “push the limits of human physical and mental endurance” with a lifetime experience like no other.

After impressively rowing his way across the Atlantic for the renowned Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, Bobby Melville caught the bug for true “adventure ecstasy” and that is how IGO was born.

Bobby Melville and his team scoured the globe and over 125 different destinations to curate the first in the series of 5 global Quadrathlon challenges. The next IGO challenge will be based across a breathtaking one hundred mile landscape of Norway, between Hemsedal and Geilo. A snow-kissed paradise that has earned the respect of countless polar explorers and a land synonymous with adventure and home to the Heroes of Telemark raid.

For the competitive types, the event is a race between two resorts that will take place over a week, and will see courageous participants competing across 4 terrain specific disciplines. However, non-competitive types needn’t fret as the core of these challenges encompass and focus on the spirit of group achievement, so you don’t necessarily need to be ‘in-it to win-it’.

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Conquered in teams of 2’s and 4’s, you will be expertly looked after from the moment you sign up. An IGO team will guide you through each process, beginning with a full physical assessment at Surrey Sports Park, and will ensure each racer is fully prepared to compete or simply just take part.

The disciplines for the Norwegian Challenge include, a marathon run, a fat bike marathon (followed by the IGO N60 bucket list experience dog sledding), a cross-country ski marathon and touring skiing, with experts in all respective fields helping to prepare, train and monitor your progress.

Skarsnuten Hotel, participants will enjoy a welcome meal and a chance to meet fellow competitors. The first two days will then be spent training for the disciplines before four days of racing begin. Between locations, you will stay in traditional Norwegian Laayu Tents, and post race, friends and family will be invited to join you relax in the beautiful Hotel Vestlia (Geilo) for 3 nights where they will cheer in the competitors, enjoy a great finishing party, and will even have a chance to try out the dog sledding and skiing facilities.

Do you have what it takes to complete the IGO challenge? This experience is available for Sybarite members. If you haven’t already joined, become The “ultimate” Sybarite and try the IGO Experience.

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