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The Sybarite Christmas Gift Guide – La Mer, the crème de la crème of creams.

Miracle Broth, the secret sauce of La Mer’s signature cream which has ultimately garnered it the crème de la crème of creams. In terms of ingredients, the Miracle Broth is a concoction of lime tea and hand-harvested sea kelp from Vancouver. It is the kelp and its ability to self-regenerate that has made this ingredient so potent and resourceful, transforming it as basis for the cream. The defining element for the brands range of products starts from how the creams are produced which is essentially through their fermentation process taking approximately 3-4 months to be able to create and deliver the La Mer cream. Within that time frame, light and sound energy are incorporated delivering a unique chemical reaction.

Due to this fermentation process, the skin is able to absorb the nutrients more strongly than your average cream.  After having tried the cream for 2 weeks, we noticed skin to be more supple and smooth and an increase in skin texture. This is the aim of the cream – deep moisturization and hydration whilst enhancing texture and complexion. A little goes a long way; you only need gather a very light dollop before rubbing the cream with both fingertips until you get a creamy consistency before applying it to the face using patting motions as opposed to massaging it in. Instant moisturization is what was noticed first and within a few minutes, skin felt more elasticated and softer to the touch. Without a doubt, the cream delivers wonderful moisture from even the smallest quantity.



La Mer is the epitome of a great luxury skincare gift because it is ultimately a cream that is versatile, even suitable for sensitive type skins. Their range is concentrated, so it doesn’t pose as overwhelming when trying to understand which product to invest in. If this is your first La Mer consideration, whether it’s for yourself or for someone else, we would certainly recommend their signature product – Crème de la Mer. It is a cream worth investing in that can be used throughout the year and additionally, it is a great basis for the skin. It is a simple yet complex formulation that has taken dedicated months to create for the purpose of strengthening and increasing efficacy. Hydrated skin is first in order, to avoid the inevitable signs of ageing.  Crème de la Mer is a versatile cream and as a gift, will never go underappreciated. On the other hand, if you’re someone prone to dry skin, this is the cream whose primary function it is to target such a skin type.

Besides Crème de la Mer, The Eye Concentrate goes rather well as an accompaniment to the cream. It comes with an eye applicator which you massage onto the undereye area with, promoting microcirculation. The Eye Concentrate is a combination of hematite, which is an iron type of mineral found on Earth’s surface and in the shallow crust. Hematite is an important iron extract and in terms of what it can do for the skin, it has the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis whilst also embodying regenerating properties. Using the applicator to massage the cream onto the undereye with creates a cooling effect making for a very refreshing feeling.



La Mer also has its anti-ageing specific range better known as Genaissance which includes a collection of serum, eye cream, and infused lotion. Having tried the Crème de la Mer, we wanted to mix it up with a serum. Using the same fermentation methods, ingredients differ in that the serum contains a unique type of red algae and 24 karat gold which is known to repair skin damage and improve complexion. Instead of the Miracle Broth, the Genaissance serum uses the residue which is essentially the crystals that have formed from the beaker of the Miracle Broth itself. Due to its purity and highly concentrated properties, the serum really works to enhance and renew the skin to bring about radiance and glow as well as improved texture. So, whether you suffer from pigmentation, redness, lines, or patchy skin, Genaissance works to improve and repair those issues and noticeable signs are said to be seen within 2-3 weeks of use. Finally, as an accompaniment to the creams and serums, we tried La Mer’s Renewal Oil which is an extra benefit to the Crème de la Mer. This is a great gifting option as it is also a versatile oil that is rather handy for a makeup bag when one needs that quick facial hydration boost. Not only that, but it is a multi-tasking oil that can also be applied to the hair, body, or nails. The oil is an added treat and quite frankly because it’s an all-rounder type of product suitable for any skin type as well as the fact that you can use it on any part of your skin, this would be a no-brainer and a safe option when gifting someone.


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