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5 Reasons Why You HAVE to Live in Toronto

Canada is home to many dynamic and exciting cities that offer a high quality of life and new opportunities in safe urban settings. Toronto, the country’s largest and most diverse metropolis, draws the most people of all. Here are the top five reasons why Toronto should be at the top of your moving list.


Toronto has long been labelled as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, as well as being among the safest metropolitan areas in North America. With over 140 languages and dialects spoken around the city, over half of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada and has contributed to the creation of communities like Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greektown.

There’s a Neighbourhood For Everyone

“Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods.” You can get the best souvlaki on the Danforth, affectionately known as Greektown, best brunch in Leslieville, best perogies in Roncesvalles, see cherry tree blossoms in High Park, party in the entertainment district, drink the hippest cocktails on Ossington, eat ice cream and then buy a toy for your child a block from your house in Lawrence Park, shop name brand in Yorkville, it goes on. Each neighbourhood offers something different and complementary to the multiculturalism that is so present here. The stats are incredible: 50% of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada and over 140 different languages are spoken within the city every day. Which means, it feels like home to everyone.

Toronto is Canada’s biggest hub for start-up culture.

Everywhere you look, there are new businesses popping up. Not to mention, that Toronto is the home of some of the biggest incubators in the country (even the world). For anyone in their 20s looking to get a head start, but not interested in the corporate culture — this is the place for you! Whether you join an existing team or have a creative idea of your own, you’ll find your place.

Night Life

Have you ever been to King Street, any night of the week? Torontonians are not ashamed of going out on a Monday or Tuesday. The best part – there is a neighbourhood for anyone.

Toronto is officially the best place to live

The Economist ranked the beautiful city as the best place to in 2015. The periodical conducted a large study to assess livability, cost of living, security, business environment and more in cities across the world. Toronto was ranked in the top ten in almost every category and was rewarded for its consistency with the title of #1 best place to call home.  

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