| Peter Burns III

“Turning Lemons into Lemonade” for the Vacation Rental Industry

By keeping one’s eyes open to even seemingly unrelated events in one’s industry, there may well be opportunities that manifest to the “quick and nimble.” One such opportunity recently presented itself to us that we are rapidly acting upon.

We are in the luxury vacation rental space and recently, there have been some well publicized failures in the booking and payments sector of vacation rentals, leaving many property management companies in the lurch with frozen funds, lost deposits and basically a whole lot of lost revenue and services. By reaching out through our own resources, we have put together a program that may well assist these suffering property management companies to recover from their unfortunate temporary financial situation.

Over the past 18 months, our unique luxury villa company has assembled a very strong management team, along with creating significant strategic relationships in a number of related sectors like private aviation providers, massive distribution channels and financing resources. One particular financing resource, utilizing only non-bank providers, lends itself quite well to the current debacle caused in the property management company payables vertical.

With the high profile bankruptcy of Leisurelink (and many more to follow suit) the opportunity to assist those most affected by this “cash crunch,” the property management companies, may well be addressed by our company’s financing arm..

The lifeblood of every business is cash flow and when that is interrupted by an occurrence such as the bankruptcy of a key supplier or worse yet, the failure of a fiduciary partner like Leisurelink, catastrophe can follow. My company’s financing arm can assist with multiple short-term financing options, all from non-bank sources, for those property management companies that need to recover from lost revenues and to stabilize their companies with much needed interim financing.

As the old saying goes…”Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness” and that “opportunity” occurred when we realized that the unfortunate occurrence of a vacation rental industry provider’s failure (Leisurelink) could be offset by our “preparedness” in utilizing an already established financing resource for the purpose of assisting affected by this event.

We all make our own “luck” and hopefully ours will rub off on those property management companies that we may be able to help.

Peter BurnsSerial luxury travel entrepreneur, Peter Burns III, specialises in the establishment and operation of niche market multi-location businesses.

In the past 40 years of business formation and ownership, Peter has started, run, sold, and/or expanded over 100 individual businesses in dozens of fields. He is currently focusing on luxury holiday rentals at Asset Exchange Collection.

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