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What to Do on Your Luxury Greek Holiday

You’ve finally booked your flight and are heading to Greece for the ultimate luxury vacation, so now what? There are a number of ways you can spend your break, but it’s significantly harder to choose if you’ll be there at a limited time. Yes, you can hire a guide for exploring and excursions, but what you really want is to get involved and add a personal touch. It’s always best to know what you’re in for. The good thing is that you’ve made the perfect country of choice, and that’s a great way to begin. To travellers, Greece is synonymous with relaxation and enjoying life’s indulgences. From villas in Zante, tours in Santorini, and traditional Greek food, this Mediterranean paradise is truly a dream destination. Below we have listed the top must-not-miss activities to make the most of your luxury Greek holiday.

Rent a villa

The first step to having an unforgettable vacation is securing the cosiest and most luxurious place to stay. A private villa on one of the Greek islands is definitely the way to go. You may choose to book one at the more popular locations like Santorini and Mykonos, but if you want a more peaceful spot, away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle, a luxury villa in Zakynthos like Artina Villa is the ideal match.

Here you can enjoy modern facilities like a heated pool, tennis court, a safe and fun playground for the kids, and of course a well-stocked bar and pantry. Add in airy and spacious bedrooms with a spectacular view of the Ionian Sea, and spa and wellness services that you can use in the comfort of your villa in Zakynthos, Santorini, or Mykonos, meaning there is no need to go out if you want a stress-busting massage or a calming yoga session.

Ride a helicopter

Go big or go home for this trip, right? Instead of getting around Greece via the usual tour van or car, hire a helicopter to tour you around! There are a variety of helicopter tour operators offering a different take to discovering Greece. Witness the country’s jaw-dropping and postcard-perfect scenery from the skies, including views of traditional white-washed villages, olive groves, the Caldera, and even uninhabited islands and hidden beaches. You can ask your villa in Greece to arrange this tour for you.

Yachting and sailing

If you don’t feel like taking things to greater heights, you can stay down and tour via a sleek yacht instead. Greece is literally surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, the best backdrop for a day at the sea. Party on board with the rest of your crew and try some water sports like jet skiing, fishing, or diving for a dose of adrenaline. Alternatively, you can take things slow and go snorkelling, paddle boarding or just some good old sunbathing. If you are renting a villa in Zante, then you’re in the perfect yachting spot, with the must-visit Shipwreck Beach, Blue Caves, and Turtle Island as pit stops. You’ll have an album full of Instagram-worthy photos that will surely blow away your followers at the end of the excursion.

Food crawl

The best way to completely immerse yourself in Greek culture is through food. The country’s gastronomic scene is exceptional, with various influences that make it so delicious and unique. It’s a foodies paradise, with a number of outings one can avail. Take part in a guided walking tour where you can taste the local fare including cheese, olive oil, coffee, and pastries, all while you learn about the country’s culinary history. If you’re feeling romantic, you can take a loved one for a sunset dinner cruise instead, or drive to one of the old vineyards for a day of wine tasting. Lastly, enrol yourself to a cooking class for a first-hand experience on how to prepare, cook, and serve authentic local dishes like moussaka, dolmadakia, and loukoumades.

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