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Windle & Moodie | Three Decades of Hair Excellence

Founded by Paul Windle, who introduced Bumble & Bumble to the UK in 2002, and later joined by session stylist Neil Moodie, Windle & Moodie has been based in Covent Garden for three decades.  It’s not hard to see why the salon boasts such a long-standing success—this duo have styled for the likes of Vogue, Elle and Hugo Boss to name a few, and their loyal celebrity regulars include names like Cara Delevingne.

Windle & Moodie hair salon

The style of the salon has never dated and even with it’s sleek modern industrial interior has an incredibly friendly and welcoming atmosphere which washes over you as soon as you walk in. I was seen almost immediately by my colourist who seemed to know exactly what I wanted without me even having to explain and I was left with a strong sense of reassurance as I waited for her to mix up my colour. 

After a relaxing 20 minutes underneath the heat lamp I was taken downstairs to a room which resembled a spa more than a hair salon. The lighting was dim and my hair was washed and head massaged expertly as I relaxed in one of the reclining chairs. I believe I may of actually fallen asleep as the hair mask was left in to work it’s magic. Windle & Moodie use all their own in-house products inspired by tea or volcanic ash, after being introduced to the world of French pharmacy hair care. 

Windle & Moodie hair salon

I was so pleased with my colour – it was slightly darker than my natural hair colour but with a gorgeous gloss and depth. Then it was time for my cut, which if I’m totally honest never really changes. Just a small trim and tidy up – my hair is poker straight and there isn’t much that can be done to it – even though most stylists will give something new a try. It’s my fringe that causes me all the trouble and always gives me sweaty palms when the stylist comes near it with the scissors, but I really trusted my stylists opinion and I was happy with the length and how it framed my face.  It’s not often I come away from a hair salon with exactly what I’ve asked for. I’m the least adventurous person when it comes to hair but I do love it when the gloss is returned to its maximum and my few greys are covered up. 

Windle & Moodie hair salon

Afterwards, my stylist expertly advised all the products that would be great for my hair type, including a texture spray which I absolutely love. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner since my visit to the salon and the more I use it, the more I love the condition of my hair.

This is a perfect London salon, some degree of luxury but with a friendly atmosphere. I will definitely be returning. 

Windle & Moodie, 41-45 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9AP; www.windleandmoodie.com; 020 7497 2393

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