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6 Absolutely Essential Health Tips to Follow This Winter

Alice Davison is a fitness expert by profession. He has pursued his master’s degree from the University Of West Australia. He also runs a fitness blog.  He’s a part of MyAssignmenthelp and works as an academic expert on study help.

Here’s an intriguing fact; people spend more time in a year suffering from fever, sore throat and colds, than they spend on holiday. Now that sweater season is upon us, we have one more thing to worry about other than keeping our New Year’s resolutions. But fear not, your winter woes will be as good as forgotten if you follow these handy winter wellness tips.

  • Eat nutritious winter fruits and vegetables

Make the most of the fresh fruits and vegetables that grow in winter. Keep food rich in carbohydrates like pasta and white bread to a minimum. Instead, you should opt for dark leafy greens, citrus fruits and pomegranate, which thrive in the chills of winter. These veggies and fruits are packed with nutrients like fibre and anti-oxidants which boost your energy and allow you to avoid gaining winter weight. Also, always remember to wash your fruits and vegetables to keep the food safe for consumption.

  • Sweat it out, even in winter

Pat yourself on the back if you have kept up your exercise routine, even in the bitter cold. Now, if a workout plan isn’t exactly going the way you had planned, then don’t worry just yet; it can be particularly hard to stay motivated when it’s cold outside. If you find it hard to motivate yourself to get up and go, hit the gym that is closest to your home or work. You can also find a local yoga class or fitness group that suits your needs. Make the most of a bright sunny winter day, dress warmly, and go for a run.

  • Nip the cold and flu in the bud

It’s that time of the year again when you’ll probably suffer a scratchy or a sore throat. Your nose or eyes might already feel a bit congested. If you can feel an evident change in your health, it could be early symptoms of the flu. Keep a few natural ingredients at home and use them if and when the first sign of a cold or flu shows up. Olive leaf, vitamin C, garlic, and zinc will help you to boost your immunity and increase your resistance against nasty winter viruses.

  • Take special care of your skin

Cold, dry air tends to absorb the moisture from our skin. Also, a blast of hot air from central heating units and scratchy winter fabric can make things worse. All this may turn you into a dry, itchy mess. Apply oil-based moisturiser on your skin every time you shower or bath or whenever your skin feels dry or dull. Also, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and eat fruits like berries which are high in omega-3 fatty acids (also found in walnuts, salmon, or take omega-3 supplements) and antioxidants. Facing scary exams this January? Omega-3 fatty acids are especially important for students to east healthily during exams and live a healthier college life.

  • If you don’t snooze, you lose

Quality sleep allows our body to recover and prepares you for the activities of the day ahead. In winters, our natural circadian rhythms are easily disrupted, and our bodies produce more melatonin, so it makes us feel more tired. The difference between day and night can hardly be deciphered in the cloudy, cold weather. Because of this, it’s advised to tuck into bed earlier than your usual time. Going to bed earlier and ensuring that you have a consistent sleep schedule will help you feel less tired and sluggish. Maintaining this sleep cycle is also crucial for people facing various mental health challenges as well.

  • Keep your asthma under control

Winter can be a particularly daunting time for people suffering from asthma. Cold and flu viruses can set off asthma attacks, or the dry air or smoke from fireplaces can irritate your nasal passages. In fact, your Christmas tree may have harboured invisible mould spores that can aggravate asthma symptoms. That’s why you should always continue with your medication even when you feel well. And most importantly, you should keep your physician on the loop at all times.

Winter time is possibly the most beautiful time of year, and allows us to re-focus and set brand new goals for the year ahead. Make sure you take note of the winter wellness tips mentioned above to keep illness at bay and start 2019 as the happiest and healthiest version of you!

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