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An Interview with Wellness Expert Ricardo Barbato

As the leading wellness expert on the upcoming Mykonos Wellness Experience, Ricardo Barbato will be working with all guests on a variety of fitness and health activities at the beautiful ALEGRIA Estate, including Hatha Flow yoga, running and body-weight exercises and meditation. The Sybarite sat down with Ricardo to have a quick chat about his relationship with wellness and what he is most looking forward to about the upcoming experience.

Why do you think taking care of your fitness/wellness is so important?

For me the most divine thing is being alive and healthy. Taking care of my physical, mental and spiritual health is a must for me as it takes us all on tranquil journey within ourselves.

Interview with Wellness expert Ricardo Barbato

How did you get involved in retreats such as this one?

As a lover of body movements, I’ve been working in the wellness industry for almost nine years. I’ve always found retreats like this one fascinating, because they present the opportunity to see how people can change their mindset and evolve when they are surrounded by the right influences.

What is your favourite thing about Mykonos?

I’m not a “favourite person” in general, but I love pretty much everything about the island, besides the traffic in the high season! But the secret beaches are definitely a highlight.

Interview with Wellness expert Ricardo Barbato

Why should people join you in Mykonos at the experience?

I dislike the word should, but I believe it’s a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people to improve body awareness and to understand how important is to feel your soul, not just your body. It’s also a great opportunity to explore one of the most powerful places on earth.

What are you most looking forward to about the Mykonos wellness experience next month?

I’m looking forward to meeting people that are on the search for fresh experiences and are willing to give themselves time to experience something new.

Book your place on the Mykonos Experience with Ricardo here.

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