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Meet jewellery designer Imogen Belfield

The Sybarite spoke to jewellery designer Imogen Belfield to discuss her design inspirations, favourite pieces from her Amazonian collection, style icons and plans for the future.

London-based jewellery designer Imogen Belfield’s signature style is mark making in metal; creating “a fusion between fluidity and texture.”

Handmade in the UK, Belfield’s range of “cascading golden nugget pendants” and statement “rockesque” rings are undeniably one of a kind.

In June this year, Imogen’s unique jewellery sculptures won her the coveted ‘Best in Gold’ title at the COUTURE Design Awards 2016 for her ‘Goddess’ showpiece necklace from the ‘Amazonian’ Collection.

Since breaking into the world of fashion and jewellery in 2010, Imogen Belfield’s eye-catching pieces have been featured in a number of influential fashion magazines such as Vogue and spotted on a number of celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Georgia May Jagger, Uma Thurman, Nicole Scherzinger and Rita Ora.

Belfield’s love of jewellery design stemmed from a young age, influenced by the silversmithing and metalwork courses she took at 16, as well as her “inherent love for fashion, art and sculpture.”

Describing her personal style as “eclectic and bohemian”, Imogen’s latest collection, ‘Amazonian’ focuses on the central shape of a spear-head form.
Imogen tells us that the “combination of strength in symbolism and delicacy in the use of materials creates a dramatic fusion of brutality with beauty.”
“The Amazonian Collection is fiery, brave and spirited, fusing ice white porcelain and diamonds with 18K rose, yellow and white gold as well as white rhodium and black ruthenium.” Belfield says she turns the “fluid, fossil-like form into wild and beautiful styles with ice white, coloured and black diamonds.”

Imogen’s favourite piece in the collection is the ‘Leon’ Diamond and Porcelain Cuff: “It retains the feeling of delicacy and elegance, but is underpinned with a sense of fierceness, shielding the Imogen Belfield Amazonian jewellerywearer with its repeated spear-head formations. The imagination can run free when adorned in our ‘Amazonian’ wild and ice cool creations” she tells us.

Belfield cites her style icons as David Bowie and Chrissie Hynde; “iconic rock stars whose chameleon style blurs the lines between punk and androgyny.”
It comes as no surprise then that the jeweller’s dream clients would be actress Tilda Swinton and First Lady Michelle Obama, two powerful women “with a strong sense of identity.”

Hardworking Imogen says she strives to do the best she can with her career, believing that one should put your mind, heart and soul into that which is your passion. She tells us that she is continually developing new ideas and concepts, keen on influencing fashion trends and pushing boundaries. “I strive to do this with the best conviction I have,” she says, “and in doing so, keeping true to my ethics and brand identity.”

So what does the future hold for the House of IB? With a new online store just launched, Imogen is excited to have her collections available for purchase online. “We also continue to create one-off bespoke designs for our clients. Including diamond and precious gemstone engagement and wedding rings” she lets us know.

Additionally, in December, Imogen will be travelling to Reinhold Jewelers in Puerto Rico to host a trunk show, meeting directly with the stockist’s clients and fans of Imogen’s brand. “We intend to continue with our international store visits, maintaining our loyal and personal relationships with stockists as well as customers,” Imogen says.

“I recently travelled to Hong Kong and Shanghai,”  Imogen Belfield says. “Both cities are addictively vibrant and radiate incredible energy. They are two places I am sure I shall be spending a lot more time.”
Next on the jeweller’s wish list is Bhutan “For its remoteness and complete respect for its cultural and historical identity. I think it would be an amazing country to explore.”

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