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Book your private jet at a fraction of the cost with empty-leg flights

Did you know flying on an empty leg flight could be kinder on your wallet as opposed to flying commercially? It is also more convenient and time-friendly. Private jets that charge a fraction of what one might normally pay to fly commercially are called ‘empty-leg’ flights – they are typically flights that have been booked for a one-way journey and therefore an aircraft must fly empty so that they can pick up the next set of passengers. Ticket prices are therefore reduced considerably, sometimes, even cheaper than commercial airlines.

PrivateFly  for example is a service where you can book your private jet charter or aircraft but it also allows for you to book empty-legged flights depending on availability. Using their easy-to-navigate booking platform, you are able to locate their network of 7,000 accredited aircraft at competitive rates. All you need to do is insert your flight schedule and wait to receive and compare quotes before making a purchase. The perks? For those who love to travel with their pets, PrivateFly welcomes them on board letting them fly beside you.

Another pet-friendly charter service offering empty-legged flights is Victor founded by its CEO, Clive Jackson who created the booking platform out of a personal need. He found private aviation was stuck in an era where charter prices were not being displayed on brokers’ websites and when a rate was given it was up to the customer to guess the mark-up that was included. Victor is one of the few jet startups that let you fly privately and at some point, affordably, especially if you intend to fly with friends. Their app lets you search, compare and book within minutes, and of course they are just a phone call away from your requirements and queries.

For those who like to scour, a marketplace where online brokers list empty-leg flights is EmptyLegMarket , where you can search their list of empty-legged flights going just about anywhere depending on what is available. Browse through their currently available empty-legs or you can even name your price by submitting your own bid and waiting 24 hours to know whether your bid has fallen through or not.

Flying privately does not have to cost you a fortune and at most affords the savvy traveler more convenience and less time-constraint when it comes to checking in. There now seems to be more transparency, making it easier and more attractive for those that travel quite often and are admittedly weary of flying the conventional way. Why spend more on a commercial flight if you are able to find a better deal flying on your own terms where there is probably an open bar and definitely no crying babies on board?

Source: Privatefly
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