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Breakupbuddy – A New Way of Living the Single Life

Forget the romance of Valentine’s Day, today marks one of the cheekier celebrations in the couple calendar, in which the tables are turned and the concept of spoiling your man is at large…

However, for those of you that have recently weathered the storm of a break-up and are fabulously single (or in fact just single out of choice!), days like today can leave one feeling vulnerable and alone; like there’s a huge void in your life, even if said celebrations are rather novel.

This is where a new way of enjoying the single life comes into play, focusing on the benefits of being a sole entity. Introducing ‘Breakupbuddy’, a new app designed to help you enjoy being single while interacting with other similarly-minded individuals. Make connections and take the time to enjoy being single together, doing all the things one traditionally does in a relationship, all still with the intimacy factor.

To ‘keep it fun yet keep it real’, Breakupbuddy promotes humour and healing with tongue-in-cheek trends such as #steakandblowjobday, #coppafeel & #orchid, with the proceeds of the first month going to cancer awareness.

Focusing on actual activity rather than phone interaction, the BUB app is refreshingly chat-free. Want to try that yoga studio near by? Create an event and see if others do too. See a buddy you’d click with? Invite him/her over for a BBQ.

Alina Kastner - Founder of BreakupbuddyFrom experience, the team behind the science of the app have discovered that hanging out and doing things together with others who have also experienced a breakup (yes, even strangers!) allows for a deeper healing connection. Part local lifestyle guide, part online community, Breakupbuddy is a place to meet, share and enjoy post-breakup life with others – away from your phone screens.

The app was founded by entrepreneur and Sybarite member Alina Kastner, who after a Master of Science at LSE and a self-confessed Master of Disaster in breakups, found herself laughing at her situation while crying over her recent break up. Stuck in a cold, new city with a cold, new breakup and no social circle to rely on (all ‘their’ friends had been his friends), Alina was longing for someone to talk to. Someone who understood; a movie buddy, or a casual lunch girlfriend – not her next relationship.

Breakupbuddy is for everyone out there that ever felt in need of a good friend, at the right time, glass of wine and movie in hand. Head to the Apple Store now to check it out!

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