| Emily Weall

The Perfect Brunch Hideaway in Hackney, London

Finding an idyllic brunch location whilst being in the middle of a busy city can be hard – you’re almost always going to hear traffic, sirens and trains, that was until The Sybarite discovered Oslo in Hackney.


When double checking the location of the restaurant on my phone, I saw that it was located a minutes walk from Hackney Central Overground Station – and it wasn’t lying. Within a minute of stepping off the train, I was stood outside the seemingly secluded venue and was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

Stepping inside the large Nordic themed restaurant I was expecting to hear the trains rumbling past, but for the entire duration of my meal – not a peep was heard from them which helped to create the illusion of actually being in a secluded Nordic restaurant. The room was open and spacious with grand high ceilings, however, felt really intimate and cosy making this venue the perfect place for brunch dates – or if you’re visiting with a group of friends you can take advantage of the long tables and benches which are perfect for socialising.

The brunch menu was limited, but included classics as well as a unique twist on the classics, for example, the Nutella Split – bananas and Nutella with a butterscotch sauce on a signature homemade waffle. The eggs benedict was sheer perfection, the thought of being able to poach eggs perfectly every time makes me incredibly jealous of everyone who can. I opted for the dish to be served with crispy bacon and on sourdough toast instead of the traditional parma ham and English breakfast muffin, and it worked perfectly. The bacon was perfectly crispy without being overdone and therefore almost impossible to eat and the hollandaise sauce was rich and creamy, without being overpowering and detracting from the rest of the food.

The staff were exceptionally helpful and tentative without being overbearing – there is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a meal and being asked if everything is okay every five minutes. They were accommodating to us when we underestimated just how close to the station would be and allowed extra time for getting lost, so much so that despite arriving half an hour early for our reservation and arriving before the restaurant was actually open, we were still shown to a table and offered tea, coffee and water whilst we looked through the menu and waited for the kitchen to open.

Oslo in Hackney is not only perfect for brunch dates and catching up with old friends – the plug sockets and free yet fast WiFi makes this perfect for working lunches and sharing snaps on Instagram to make your peers jealous.

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