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The Gym Doesn’t Just Build Muscle, It Builds You As A Person, Says PT Callum Melly

If you want something enough, you can have it, especially when it comes to your physical appearance and mental attitude.

I have been working out for just over 6 years now and they have been the best years of my life! The gym doesn’t just build muscle; it shapes you as a person! I have built confidence, discipline, respect and a positive attitude. I have learnt that persistence is key; showing up is half the battle but the rewards you will reap are priceless. This applies to all walks of life, your job, relationship, family and such. 

The positive rush you get from exercising and that almost euphoric feeling afterwards from the release of endorphins cruising around your body is amazing! It’s the most incredible high you can ever have and you simply need to sweat for it. What makes it even better is when you start to notice a change! 

The best investment you can make is in yourself. I for one am tired of people complaining about their appearance or making excuses for why they aren’t looking after their health & wellbeing! A one-hour workout is just four per cent of your day and if you can turn around and honestly say to me I don’t have time, or simply can’t be bothered to look after my body, then you need to reevaluate your priorities and make time!

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I left university at the age of 21 after three years of typical student life; eating junk, drinking way too much, not doing any exercise whatsoever and going to the odd lecture! As a kid I was extremely active, I represented my school at football, rugby, cricket and basketball, I was a qualified snowboard instructor and naturally athletically gifted. However, when I left university I was small, skinny, unconfident and really lacked clarity in life. If I’m honest, I was lost.

Don’t get me wrong, I really am the least arrogant person you will meet, but I decided in January 2011 after university that my new year’s resolution would be to get into the best shape of my life. My reasoning was never because I just wanted to look good and have a six pack; that was a bonus & anyone can have a six pack if they are willing to work for it! I was more drawn to the aura, radiance and confidence physically fit people emanated. It was something I really lacked; I never used to be socially confident when meeting new people, even if they were introduced through a friend.

In exchange for a mere four per cent, a one-hour workout over a six to eight week period can get you into the best physical and mental shape of your life and to be brutally honest, it’s something that we should all be doing! We’ll happily spend hundreds of pounds on a night out, but many of us are not willing to spend even fifty pounds on a quality weekly food shop or a monthly gym membership. In my opinion, this needs to change.

Even if you are not looking to get into shape, exercising regularly and eating a healthy, balanced diet is extremely important for your mental wellbeing. My goal is to simply inspire and motivate people to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle for their own good. The feeling I get knowing I have helped to change someone’s life is priceless and that is what it is all about for me, not just helping someone get in shape, but helping them get in shape for the rest of their lives. That is why I designed BODY IN 8 so I can help people all over the world change their lives in just 8 weeks.

The gym doesn’t just build muscle, it builds you as a person and I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and make the best investment you can ever make, by investing in yourself!


Callum Melly is the UK’s leading personal training expert, a fitness model and founder of body transformation programme BODY IN 8. His aim is to educate people on how to lead a healthier lifestyle that is maintainable. 

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