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Sybarite Selections: Beautified

A Sybarite’s whim is to indulge in sensuous pleasure, and what better way to indulge than a complete pamper session? Rejuvenate yourself with our selection of the most luxurious (and most natural) treatments available through qualified expertise. Take a look at some of London’s best kept secrets:

Cellcosmet – ‘The Art of Staying Young’

In 1987, Cellap Laboratoire, founded by Roland C.Pfister, created two revolutionary cellular skincare lines,woman_796_faceelasto Cellcosmet for women and Cellmen for men. Cellap Laboratoire looked to make headway in the field of cosmeceuticals with their advanced cellular technology, formulated by their team of award winning experts in the field of dermatology, biology and medicine at their state of the art facility overlooking Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. With the work of two Nobel Prize winners inspiring the creation of the skincare lines, the principle behind Cellular Therapy suggests that ‘a tired, stressed and devitalised cellular tissue can be revitalised by coming into contact with a young cellular tissue’. Cellap Laboratory formulated their Cellcosmet and Cellmen cellular skincare ranges on the basis of this philosophy, applying it to our largest organ – the skin.

Cellap Laboratories is one of the few in the world to have mastered both cellular and plant technology. Cellap Laboratoire has pioneered the use of three cosmeceuticals groups; Cyto-Cosmeceutical, Phyto-Cosmeceutical and Cyto + Phyto-Cosmeceuticals. They use only the finest ingredients sourced worldwide to ensure optimum effect on the skin making them truly unique in their formulations. This new generation of Swiss skincare uses outstanding wellness treatments in which the cellular active ingredients in Cellcosmet and Cellmen is adapted to skin’s age and varies between products within the range and is tailored to the age of the user’s skin.

Book into a Cellcosmet treatments at either Courtney Chemist Spa or Aldo Coppola on Sloane Street, London.

Waterhouse Young – ‘Experts in Skin’

saira2Waterhouse Young was founded by Norman Waterhouse, FRCPS, the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeon, whose reputation and knowledge of the face and skin is second to none. Norman wanted to establish a clinic which offered an alternative for clients who have skin concerns which need more than an everyday facial but don’t require anything invasive.

Impressively, Waterhouse has selected the best team of skin experts in the business to look after you and your skin, including Dr Saira Vasdev who we had the pleasure of meeting. Dr Saira graduated from the London Medical School, Queen Mary University of London and is a fully GMC registered doctor originally specialising in Intensive Care. She now dedicates her entire practice to the field of Aesthetic Medicine. She is passionate and dedicated to providing treatment plans that enhance each patients natural features. “My motivation is to inspire a sense of wellbeing within my patients by using quality aesthetic treatments to enhance natural beauty, whilst maintaining the highest standard of care possible at all times”. Dr Vasdev notes “Waterhouse is an extremely comfortable environment, and we all share the same value; live well and age beautifully.”

Look out for an upcoming interview with Dr Vasdev, coming soon to The Sybarite.

Studio Clinic – ‘A Unique Concept in Medical Aesthetics’tania_1a_large

Want better than ‘frozen faces’ and ‘fish lips’? Studio Clinic’s tailored treatment packages – headed by the imitable Dr Tatiana Lapa – aim to achieve individual results that truly enhance and anti-age. Dr. Tatiana Lapa is the Medical Director of The Studio. She is a Doctor (BSc Aerospace Physiology, MBBS, MRCGP) and an experienced Aesthetic Specialist with a background in Surgery, Dermatology and General Practice.

The Sybarite had the opportunity to test-drive Dr Tatiana’s ‘Perfect Pout Package’, visiting her clinic on Harley Street. With a full consultation in which we discussed what we wanted to achieve, it’s quickly realised that Dr. Tatiana has a completely unique understanding of facial aesthetics, her want for perfection is clearly mirrored in her own stunning features so we knew we were in good hands. With this in mind, we carried on to the procedure with the utmost comfort. Using 1.5ml of Juvederm and numbing cream coupled with the most advanced techniques, Dr Tatiana achieved the most incredible results.

image1 image2Unfortunately this miracle only lasts 4-5 months, but The Studio Clinic offers more permanent treatments to choose from, including the very first of its kind, ‘Facial Sculpting’: There are certain universally accepted features of beauty: high cheekbones, petite nose, good skin, full lips etc. However, the science of beauty is much more complex. For thousands of years, renowned artists have used a “golden ratio” to map out their masterpieces. We now know that there is a precise mathematical ratio with the number Phi (1.618) that predicts beauty. Facial sculpting aims to improve the proportions of the face and to achieve better symmetry. For your first treatment, the results will last approximately 12 months. Subsequent treatments can last for up to 4 years per treatment.

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