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Hong Kong’s Best Kept Secret – The Pottinger Review

One of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets is a little-known luxury boutique hotel tucked alongside the steep uphill pathway that is Pottinger Street. Discover this luxury Hong Kong hotel in the centre of the city’s hustle and bustle is actually a quiet respite from the busy pedestrian-filled streets of Central.

With 68 beautifully adorned rooms, The Pottinger stands out as a true luxury boutique hotel in a city that is already saturated with much larger five-star establishments. The aesthetic appeal is second to none, adorned with chinoiserie objects and oriental decor throughout the internal spaces. This is quite befitting as Pottinger Street is one of the oldest streets in the district and named after Hong Kong’s first Governor, Sir Henry Eldred Curen Pottinger.

We stayed in one of The Pottinger’s deluxe rooms measuring 26 sqm-38 sqm – a sizeable space in comparison to boutique hotels in the city. The Pottinger’s location is very central, almost a melting pot of pedestrians and stalls making for a very busy area in one of Hong Kong’s most historical streets. Therefore, it is striking to realise that the rooms are alarmingly quiet. If we had to rate the room, we would give it a genuine 5/5 as we felt it lived up to our expectations. In terms of quality this was superb for a boutique hotel of this calibre where the room was utterly charming, very clean and comfortable. We also found temperature levels in the rooms to be decent as hotels in Hong Kong usually turn up the air conditioning which can turn out to be freezing for some of us. Bed and linen quality had a luxurious touch which we much admired. We love a room that is able to combine superb comfort with character as it gives the abode a kind of spirit and reason for a pleasant if not enjoyable and memorable stay of which The Pottinger has been able to combine so perfectly. For first-timers to Hong Kong, this is an ideal pick as you’re literally in the centre of Hong Kong’s heritage street where you’re able to head down and walk along the historical paths whilst doing some unique shopping all the time getting a real sense of the city. As soon as the city has tired you out, The Pottinger offers that charming and luxurious abode in which to retire to.

Among the deluxe rooms, The Pottinger also offers its Pottinger Suite and Studio Suite which has been designed “with a touch of oriental flavor, heritage and a sense of home”; perfect for family, couples or those wanting that extra space and comfort. In terms of amenities, The Pottinger really surprised us and is one of the only hotels we’ve seen that offers this – a smartphone offering free calls to selected countries as well as free local mobile data. This very efficient for those visiting Hong Kong as it takes away the stress of purchasing a local sim card as well as any time spent navigating. For a luxury boutique hotel this is definitely a unique offering and it shows that The Pottinger will go the extra mile when it comes to keeping their guests in mind. Besides wanting you to have an enjoyable time, The Pottinger wants to make it as comforting and accessible as possible by offering this device without the added stress when staying abroad.

Another aspect which made us fall in love with The Pottinger Hotel is its strong ties to heritage and the story it embraces of old Hong Kong particularly its location. Besides hotels such as The Peninsula in Tsim Tsa Chui or the Mandarin Oriental in Connaught Road (further along Central) which have their own historical significance in Hong Kong, The Pottinger is a little gem set in its own district offering five-star luxury living and service. The difference with The Pottinger Hotel is that you’ve got authentic retail therapy at your doorstep and a plethora of restaurants, fruit stalls and diners to explore. Speaking of which, The Pottinger Hotel also offers three restaurants, one of which has earned two Michelin stars that dishes up Asian fare. We do recommend giving their restaurants a try, but be sure to explore the area of Central as well; you’ll never be without options.

Choose The Pottinger for its location, quality and story-telling aspect that is so richly intertwined with Hong Kong’s Chinese/British heritage. It is a hotel with a story to tell, and one that you can certainly bring back home.

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