| Karin Wasteson

Review: Hot yoga and meditation class at luxury yoga studio Yotopia

I attended Kate’s hot yoga and meditation class at Yotopia, a Covent Garden-based yoga studio, on a Wednesday evening from seven to nine. When I arrived I was greeted by friendly staff at the reception, as well as Kate herself. I got a towel and a complimentary water to bring to the session.

The heat and smell of sweat struck me immediately as we entered the room, another group had clearly just been there. The room was brimful of people, it seemed to be a very popular yoga class.

I was a bit worried that it would be too advanced for me (I’m a beginner/intermediate), but Kate had told me not to worry and she was right. The moves were all pretty standard and easy to manage; I was just following the others and got into a really nice flow.

It was pleasant to listen to Kate’s gentle instructions, as I actually struggled with how hot it was after a while. I realised that I was wearing way too much clothing – next time I’ll only don a sports bra and leggings, rather than a t-shirt. I was sweating a lot and was finding it difficult to cope with the heat at one point. The movements were challenging at times but never excessively.

The class ended with a meditation session with music, guided by Kate, where we were encouraged to just sit and be present in the moment. Following the tension loosening exercises for the body, it was a perfect round-off to let all the worries of the day go.

The changing rooms were bright and clean with nice showers and shampoos. On my way out Kate told me she’s doing Saturday morning sessions, and I would definitely come back for those. I left Yotopia feeling completely relaxed – mind, body and soul.   

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