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Lights of Soho presents “Be Illuminated” by Papi

Lights of Soho, London’s leading light-art gallery, is proud to announce its latest exhibition, “Be Illuminated!” by Papi.

Roger Taylor, who goes by the name ‘Papi’, is a self-taught artist working with the medium of light. Beginning his creative career as an actor in New York at Lee Strasbourg Theatre Institute, he then became a creative director for some of New York’s hippest night clubs creating sets for their weekly shows.

In recent years, Papi moved to Manchester and set up his own design studio where he uses traditional tools and methods to hand sculpt metal and form a fusion light and art. He has also worked collaboratively with some well know street artists resulting in an international exhibition from London to Tokyo.

Papi has had numerous sell out shows in London over the last 2 years and the pieces that he creates are either one-offs or limited to 7 pieces only. For six weeks at Lights of Soho, Papi’s creations will depict the vibrancy and the energies of the area, from the streets of Soho to the gallery.

Remarking on his debut neon collection Papi says: “I am so excited to working with Lights of Soho on this show. Prepare to BE illuminated!”

“Be Illuminated!” will be available to view from 30th March to 13th May 2017 at Lights of Soho. All pieces on display at the exhibition will be available to purchase.

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