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Margot Krasojević Architecture Designs a Cool, Eco-Friendly Yacht

Margot Krasojević first caught our attention with her highly innovative design concepts, which include ‘Doha – The Jetway’ (which she describes as ‘a new building typology featured as part of Virgin Airways Disruptors’), The Hydroelectric Prison in Canada and The Spillway Pavilion in Paris, to name a few. We at The Sybarite have been especially struck by one of Krasojević’s latest projects – the Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran, commissioned by a private client in South Africa.


The extraordinary yacht appears to have come straight out of some science-fiction film, with its curved carbon-fiber sail that looks more like ‘an aircraft wing than a traditional sail’ (Robb Report). Krasojević, who previously worked for Zaha Hadid, is known to imbue her projects with eco-friendly, sustainable features; the Fresnel Trimaran is no exception. It has been designed to function using a completely green propulsion system and a solar- and wind-powered sail, resulting in zero emissions and no fuel costs. Its abilitkrasojevic_Margoty to cruise over long distances even allows it to compete in races.

Krasojević chose to use holographic film to cover both the exterior and interior areas of the 115-foot yacht, allowing sunlight to power the batteries. As Robb Report puts it, ‘Every available space is used to charge the batteries.’ Far from looking bulky, however, the yacht appears to be completely lightweight.

This yacht, costing approximately $15 million to build, is one of many one-off projects for which Krasojević has been commissioned. The Jetway Hotel concept we earlier mentioned was commissioned by a private client in Doha who wanted the convenience of waiting for their next departure without having to leave the private airstrip. According to Krasojević, ‘The hotel lounge is an extension of the private jet which enables the clients to rest/stay for a period of 24 hours before departure.’

As the Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran and the Jetway Hotel demonstrate, Krasojević certainly has a distinctive style – sleek, futuristic, clean, curvy and environmentally conscious.


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