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The Must Have’s and Must Hear’s in Beauty Right Now

For the beauty addicts out there looking to delve into and explore new skincare brands, we have handpicked these delightful selections for their quality and appeal.

Beauty Pie

The future of buying cosmetics and beauty products is being spearheaded by a team of “beauty-product obsessives who have worked in the cosmetics industry for eons”. It is hard to fathom that one day we’d be able to buy high-end cosmetics at more than affordable prices, even more, to be able to see the transparency behind the costs and where each product has been manufactured in.

Introducing ‘Beauty Pie’ – literally becoming the one-stop shop for high-end cosmetics – from results-driven serums, moisturizers and eye creams, to a range of makeup. The best bit? You get to lend your opinion, because more than selling skincare and makeup, Beauty Pie takes interaction to its heart. It curates its products based on its community opinions, so that what you end up with is a handpicked selection as opposed to a plethora, which can sometimes lead to an overwhelming headache.

Take for example, Beauty Pie’s selection of serums, each tailored to provide hydration and protect the skin from ageing. Their selection of serums original cost about £50 to £95, but as a Beauty Pie member, you are able to purchase them for as little as £6.97 to £9.55. If you’re hesitant to become a member, you can still purchase their products at its original cost – but why would you?


How does this all work? Easy, there’s no mumbo jumbo – as in – you, as a member, pay £10 a month (minimum 3 months) or £120 a year and what you get is access to Beauty Pie’s products at factory cost. There are no mark-ups, no middlemen, and no funny business. It is quite literally a new-age way of purchasing cosmetics from the best skincare and manufactures out there, from France, Spain, Korea, Italy, German, UK, USA and Switzerland. As a member, however,  you will receive a shopping allowance, this ensures that it is fair to other members purchasing and also allows each member to have the chance to purchase. As a member paying £10 a month, for example, the shopping allowance is £100 worth, which means the amount of regular price value you can buy at factory cost. Should you not use up your membership for a particular month, the amount rolls over to the next month of your membership.

Each product also shows the cost transparency.

Beauty Pie is recommended not just for beauty addicts but for women who care about their skin in general and wish to try a new way of purchasing high-quality cosmetics at transparent costs. The costs don’t dictate the quality, they dictate how the industry works and how in a time where things are so advanced, experts are able to find new ways of doing business. This is one business we respect, as it is upfront, honest and interactive. It answers most if not all of the questions any new trier might ask which you can find here in its FAQ corner: https://www.beautypie.com/uk/help



Maison Francis Kurkdjian and Mizensir

For a story-telling floral inspired scent, we handpicked Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s A la rose. Often, Rose scents are a cliché and with different variations in the market it becomes the odd one out when choosing perfumes. However, Kurkdjian’s version is characterized by a soft feminine yet confident style due to the two hundred and fifty roses from Grasse that are instilled into these bottles. The confident characteristic comes from its notes of cedar wood, musk, and orange from California. It is almost like a contradiction yet it works fairly well.

Kurkdjian’s A la rose comes in various products which include hair mists, body oils, to scented shower creams.

Meanwhile Mizensir Geneve’s Tender Oud is the nemesis of Rose. The scent is bitter smelling, spicy, and woody. Its top notes are grapefruit essential oil, cardamom and saffron. The scent is suitable for those who love a bit of spice and woody notes that tell a story. We feel it is a rather strong scent with an intimate touch.



From the K-beauty world, we have the skincare brand Klairs whose most popular products include their serums: Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop and Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop.

The serums are designed for anti-ageing and rejuvenation used for both day and night. The Midnight Blue in particular contains 10 essential ingredients two of which contains a peptide formula known as EGF and bFGF which aid in collagen production and skin replenishment. The reason for its blue-ish colour is perhaps due to the Blueberry fruit extract, one of the ingredients found in the Midnight Blue serum.

To boost the skins rejuvenation, we would recommend pairing it with their Vitamin C Drop, which is made out of pure vitamin C known to highly benefit and brighten the skin, particularly skin that is dull and lacklustre. It is also suitable for those with sensitive skin. Highly popular, their Vitamin C Drop has seen several beauty awards and mentions in top magazines including Vogue, Glamour, Refinery and Allure. It was also on Amazon’s top products.

For added protection, try out their Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion which provides optimal protection from UV rays without the added greasiness one might often find in sun lotion. Mid-day Blue not only offers protection against the sun but it also provides hydration to last the skin throughout the day. With its special Guaiazulene ingredient, the lotion also helps to reduce redness and irritation whilst calming the skin down.

The approach to Klairs is a rather simple one, and we love the fact that their product selection isn’t so extensive, but a rather concentrated one that focuses on skincare effectiveness with a gentle approach.



Diptyque is a secret garden filled with the most wondrous smelling flowers there ever was. Taking attention to body care, Diptyque offers a scent-worthy selection of body lotions and creams to keep skin hydrated whilst smelling decadent. It is the perfect accompaniment after a much-needed bath time.

Their Fresh Body Lotion is a keeper – it oozes an explosion of refreshing scented florals in the most delicate and elegant of ways. It is no doubt that this is one of their bestsellers. Couple that with their new Do Son Body Mist – the perfect product to give skin that added hydration whilst providing that delicate scent. With its rather light consistency, it is ideal for use in the summer-time. The smell originates from concentrations of white lotus extract and hints of fresh tuberoses.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Diptyque’s candles. We sampled their Noisetier (Hazel Tree) candle which originates from the Woody family of scents. Noisetier offers a mild, spicy note and isn’t too intrusive on the nose which is perfect to use during ones bath-time.

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