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Ryan Saghian, Founder of Ryan Saghian Interiors

It is not often you come across an interior designer’s Instagram that provides you both with an inspiring, refreshing eye for design as well as a hilarious sense of commentary… Until we came across Ryan Saghian’s page (@ryansaghian). Emerging as one of the designers of his era, and reaching international acclaim before the age of 30, Ryan Saghian is one to look out for. Ryan is the award winning founder and creative mind behind the success of Saghian Interiors. In celebration of Pride Month, the Sybarite spoke with Ryan about being a young interior designer, the biggest struggles and lessons he learnt throughout his career and how he will never stop surprising his audience.

You have reached such amazing heights at such a young age – what is it like being such a young interior designer in the industry? Do you think your age brings with it advantages and disadvantages?

When I first started I felt that, because of my age, I had to work 10 times harder to (1) gain the respect of my peers and (2) gain the respect of my clients who, more times than not, were significantly older than me. The advantages were my fresh take on the industry and how things get done. Our industry has been a little late to the game for millennials.

Your Instagram really helped in getting your work off the ground, and you are now at 230k followers! How important is social media in these times, especially in the interior design world? What advice would you give to people trying to get their business started with the help of social media?

Social media has been the best platform to showcase my work, my interests, and to develop a brand all on my own. If you post good work, interact with other people, and have a consistent schedule in doing so, you can rapidly grow your brand there. It can be a dark place though… The same way you are given a platform to showcase your work, your followers are given a platform to criticize it. You have to stay focused, tune out the hate, and keep your eye on the prize.


Being a gay, Iranian designer can not always have been easy. What were some of the biggest struggles you have faced and some of the biggest lessons you have taken from them?

No, it wasn’t, haha… but it was all a part of my journey. You hear things like interior design is for women and no one will view you as “masculine” if that is your career. The biggest struggle for me was accepting that I am an agent of change and shifting my perception (and oftentimes that of my community) of what being “masculine” is. The lesson? Being a man is not defined by your job title or sexual orientation. Being a man is defined by your courage and authenticity. Accepting yourself for who you are, and having the strength to do whatever it is or whomever it is without the fear of what others may think or say. I think members of the LGBTQ community are some of the strongest people walking this earth.

How would you describe your design aesthetic/ style?

A mix of raw and refined layered with edge and eclecticism.

Luxury interior design is constantly changing – what are current trends you have seen, and do you always try to follow trends in your work?

The more I resist a trend the more it persists with client requests! I am not mad at trends, but I think they should be peppered into your work not fully defining it. Currently, I see mid-century modern flooding the design world and I love it!

You have a host of celebrity clients in your portfolio – what is that like?

I am so thankful for all my wonderful clients. It is literally no different than working with a non-famous person.

We have spied on your Instagram and see that you recently announced you are designing your first restaurant, this is so exciting! Could you give our readers any little hints on the project?

I am so excited about this! I can’t say who or what but it is going to be an incredibly central Beverly Hills location with an olive tree lined outdoor dining patio, waterfall, rooftop bottle service, and so much Ryan flair!

What is a project you have been a part of that you have been the proudest of its results?

Currently working on a 20k square foot home that is my most treasured yet!


What can we expect of Ryan Saghian in the future?

I don’t know! I am just full of surprises ?

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