| John Cofie

San Francisco start-up launches a smart sleeping experience

Imagine having a mattress cover that reacts to your sleeping patterns and suggests improvements so you have a restful sleep. A company in America’s hot bed of tech start-ups has invented the world’s first smart mattress cover that does exactly that. Luna, a company co-founded by Matteo Franceschetti who also admits he has sleep problems, decided to do something about it by working with sleep experts to develop the smart mattress.

The engineers behind the product set out to develop features such as an automatic temperature control, sensors for sleep phases, Wi-Fi connectivity and a microphone to enable it to monitor and memorize sleeping patterns. It is accompanied by an Android and iOS app that allows the user to access the features and any feedback from the sleeping experience.

Matteo Franceschetti said the team “created Luna as a response to a glaring omission from the rapidly-advancing smart home. Everything is getting smarter, except our bed.” Luna is currently partly funded on Indiegogo and they met their target of $100,000 within 6 hours of launch. It is available now on www.lunasleep.com.

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