| Emily Weall

The Ultimate Post-Theatre Dining Experience

There is no better evening plan than seeing a show in the heart of London’s theatreland district – the famous West End, and there is no better place for post-theatre dinner than Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill at the iconic Savoy Hotel.

Kaspar’s is the ideal place to relax with friends and family in the luxury and comfort of the art deco ambience with the wall length windows making the area bright and inviting during the day and transforming the restaurant into an intimate and cosy setting during the later hours.

The Post-Theatre menu caters for a wide range of choices – so if Seafood isn’t your thing but your date loves it then there will surely be something on the menu that grabs your attention A personal favourites is the Beef Coulotte – which is so tender it almost melts in your mouth and makes you do the over exaggerated leaning back in your chair and closing your eyes – it really is that amazing!

Whilst the cocktail menu may seem sparse, each concoction has been created with the menu in mind and features a range of Gin, Vodka and Champagne based tipples that complement nearly every dish on the menu. The wine menu, on the other hand, has a wide variety, with even more option on the Sommeliers wine list.

The restaurant itself is brimming with history, as Kaspar’s is named after the iconic cat statue Kaspar – originally made in 1962 by architect Basil Ionides to with the purpose of joining dining parties of 13 to calm any superstitious diners; and comes complete with napkin tied around his neck and a full place setting in front of him.

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