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Detox your way to a slimmer body and a clearer mind

That dreaded and much anticipated time of year is upon us when we are preparing to don our bikinis and beach shorts and expose ourselves to disapproval or praise. Some of us will have spent the winter going to the gym, and approach the holidays with joy and confidence. For the less consistent of us, we who regard our gym membership as more of an act of charity towards local entrepreneurs, there is always the juice detox.

Bear in mind though that although the juice cleanse is the typical go-to-solution for procrastinators wishing to lose weight ahead of the vacations, a detox is good for anyone wishing to flush their system of toxins, improve energy levels and shed a pound or two.

Thankfully it has never been easier to do a detox, the capital offers a plethora of options with all your fluids delivered to your doorstep for anything for a single day to a full week of purging. One of the pioneering businesses behind the juicing revolution is Purifyne, founded by Irina Bond in 2009. With a background in naturopathy, Irina set out to solve her digestive problems through detoxes, a personal endeavor which has now become a flourishing business. Purifyne delivers throughout the UK and also exports internationally.

Purifyne Cleanse Juices

According to Irina “When we drink fresh cold-pressed juice we are providing our bodies with the best nutrients directly into the blood stream which is paramount, not only for our body to function at its optimum level, but also to boost immunity. It does wonders to your mindset as you slowly notice the change in your attitude to eating, which is where a long-term change happens.”

So no need to wait, sign up for one of cleanses recommended by The Sybarite below and reboot your system ahead of the upcoming season of excess – your body and mind, not to mention your Instagram followers, will thank you for it.



Tanya Maher




Raw & Juicy




The London Detox




Raw Press


Raw to Door


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