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The Latest in Ski-Tech and Wellness

Over the past couple of years, innovative technologies and creative methods of augmenting wellness have completely altered the sporting world, and the ski scene is no different. With the aim to enhance physical performance and encourage mental wellbeing, tech and wellness practices will allow you to get the most out of your upcoming ski trip, both on and off the slopes. 

Ski-Tech and Wellness

New technology is constantly amplifying the performance of skis and achievements of skiers. More and more tech is being designed to heighten the skier’s on-piste comfort and enjoyment. The Skyroam Solis is a powerful and robust mobile power bank and WiFi hub, enabling you to charge all of your appliances for over 16 hours at 6000 mAh power. The device’s WiFi feature is easy to use with one-touch internet access in over 130 countries and you can connect up to 5 gadgets at one time.

Skiing forces you to live in the moment; to feel the speed and soak up the adrenaline. But thanks to advanced video technology, skiers can now capture a snippet of the thrill of the slopes on camera. When it comes to sport and video, GoPro dominates, and their latest GoPro HERO7 camera is no different. With hyper smooth video stabilisation, waterproof housing, voice control and live streaming capabilities, this camera is sure to deliver results.

Today, we love to share all of our experiences online and skiers are no different. The app, snoww, was developed to connect you with friends, family and professionals on the slopes. You can share photos of your day, compare your unique skiing statistics to win trophies celebrating your achievements and track where your followers are skiing. The app is available for both Apple and Android.


Ski-Tech and Wellness

It’s important to remember that ensuring your wellness during ski season begins long before you hit the slopes. One way to guarantee you are fighting fit this year is to find yourself a good pre-ski workout. Exercising your body in advance will strengthen your muscles, boost your endurance and ultimately prevent injury. SELF Magazine’s 10-minute ski workout combines body weight and weighted exercises that will have you raring to go.

Continuing along the wellness and exercise line, take your fitness to the next level with a ski-yoga retreat. Situated in the French Alps, Chalet Rosière is a boutique chalet and retreat centre that combines skiing and yoga, contending that the exercises “are increasingly paired together for their complimentary effects on the body and mind”. Enjoy professionally taught yoga beside a log fire, accompanied by live piano music and later luxuriate in beautiful scenery, on and off the slopes, and delicious dining. See their website for upcoming luxury retreats.

Developing your body’s strength is important during ski season, but your optimal wellness depends on the rest you take as well. In the mountains, there are a plethora of spa and ski resorts to indulge in. Pashmina is a five-star hotel in Val Thorens that offers a “high-altitude” massage that is, not surprisingly, located on the top floor of the building in the Occitane spa. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz situated in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, is renowned for its expertise in thermal healing and employs 70 doctors at its various clinics.

Enhance your mountain experience this ski season with The Sybarite’s Wellness Pro Health MOTThis kit investigates your personal health, fitness and nutritional needs using detailed results from a DNA test, assessed by a team of highly qualified specialists, who can advise you on how to safely introduce new lifestyle actions. 

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