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The App That Loves You If You Are Successful And Attractive

In a world with an ever-increasing number of dating apps and agencies, one in particular is going a long way to stand out from the crowd, to effusive but somewhat mixed response. Luxy is a provocative app that only allows the richest and most beautiful people to join, with users themselves able to vote people in or reject them based on their salary and appearance.

In a unique move, Luxy is now going to welcome businesses into this elite fold. Luxy Business Cards will allow businesses to set up a profile, with links to their social media and websites to attract users of the app. However, just as in romantic relationships, money talks and each business has to offer something to Luxy users, whether it be discounts, exclusive membership or a free gift.

With a simple left/right swipe, users are able to save businesses to their online card-holder and reject those that they have no interest in. Importantly, however, once connected to a business the power is still with the user to browse the offers available without receiving hundreds of advertisement emails; a rare luxury in today’s online world.

Luxy 1                        Luxy

This is an innovative move by an already distinctive service. Instead of confining themselves to private messages between users, Luxy has become more of a ‘Millionaires Club’, with a forum for general conversations and a page dedicated to photos showcasing the activities of society’s most elite 1%.

CEO Tim says of the app, ‘as many businesses are keen to work with Luxy and our users often post business related topics, Business Cards seemed like a natural next step’. With its slick and sophisticated features, Luxy is set to revolutionise both the dating and the business scene. Perhaps mixing business with pleasure isn’t so bad after all.

Visit www.onluxy.com to join the 1%.


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