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The Magical Estate of Il Borro

Italy is perhaps one such country where the convergence of idyllic settings and rich culinary comforts meet hand in hand. One such place capturing the essence of both –and- medieval Toscana, is the Ferragamo family owned, Il Borro. With a history that spans over 1000 years, Il Borro has been through quite a history, particularly when it was in the hands of its different proprietors. Ever since the Ferragamo family overtook Il Borro, the preservation of the estate has always been top priority, with the family going to lengths to restore this enchanting jewel.

ilBorro 114

The setting of Il Borro is quite magical – a true feast for the eyes and certainly a breath of fresh air. Where is it? Not only is it in the heart of Toscana, but the seven hundred acre estate is situated along the basin of the Upper Valdarno, which was carved by the passage of the Arno River. It is an estate replete with landscaped olive groves, vineyards, and farmhouses amongst a medieval village of historic villas and suites. Each suite has been designed with the classic Tuscan style, retaining all of its old world features but enriching them all at the same time so that you end up with all the amenities for modern comfort.

If you enjoy exclusivity, than the Villa Il Borro is one of the most sumptuous villas within the estate offering 4 floors that can sleep up to 40 guests with an elegant heated indoor private pool and luscious renaissance gardens. Or if one prefers complete isolation, than perched up on the Tuscan hills with views of the estate, stands Villa Chiocci Alto, which can sleep up to 20 guests. The villa has a breathtaking garden of Italian scents – lavender, rosemary, broom and hydrangeas – perfect for a summertime escape. Of course if one just prefers to take up a room or a suite, the villas have a wonderfully comfortable selection, each containing the luxury for contemporary living.

What is an estate such as this without the gourmet experience? Il Borro offers four different types of culinary spaces to enjoy whatever ones appetite fancies. Osterio del Borro is the main restaurant of the estate and offers exclusive tasting experiences for its guests that want to discover traditional Tuscan cuisine, at the same time diners can admire the chef’s cooking with the restaurants complete open view kitchen. Furthermore, with the Tuscan Bistro, VinCafe, and the multi-restaurant wine bar and shop, your taste buds are spoilt for choice.

Equitazione (20) ill boro

Amongst the landscaped splendour, one can attain total relaxation at the Il Borro Spa with state of the art facilities. For those wanting to focus on their wellbeing and health, the spa offers treatments that integrate wellbeing, beauty,

fitness and nutrition.il borro

We promise you, this is not your typical Tuscan escape; rather, it is the story combined with the properties dedication to Tuscan comfort that makes for a magical experience. Plus, it is owned by a world-renowned shoemakers family – you can trust that this estate knows what understated luxury is.

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