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The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong is perhaps one of the most enchanting hotels for us to review. It is its heritage and ability to intertwine its own story with the story of Hong Kong through curated experiences that would make any fortunate guest feel a sense of euphoria. One such experience that is relatively new to its offering is their luxurious private charter experience better known as The Symphony of Lights.


Expect to be greeted at the main lobby where a brief introduction on the evening’s itinerary is given before being privately whisked off to the docking harbour to aboard the Peninsula Yacht. Once on board it’s off to Victoria Harbour to witness a magnificent sensory experience showcasing Hong Kong’s skyline and ultimately the more creative side of the city through this spectacle of an installation. Of course, it wouldn’t be replete without onboard canapes and champagne – but of course should you have a special request there is nothing that the Peninsula can’t do if only to please its guests for the sake of wanting to leave behind an intimate memory of enjoyment. So, whilst you’re enjoying the sweet and savouries amidst the incredible views from a great vantage point, the yacht will slowly anchor and settle. Once comfortable, be prepared to hear orchestra-like music onboard. Simultaneously, lights are suddenly bouncing off skyscrapers until you realize that it is exactly what it is: A Symphony of Lights. It is truly a performance in itself – instead of sitting in a concert hall, you find yourself sitting most comfortably within the confines of the Peninsula Yacht only perhaps this time, you’re not cruising around. You’re suddenly enveloped in an orchestra of melodies which becomes the basis for the light performance. As each note gravitates, the lights become stronger and create such pang, you can almost feel the adrenaline and energy. You become dumbfounded by the idea that a symphony can be concocted using lights that hit from skyscraper to skyscraper.



For lack of a better word: it is magical, and it is an experience that any guest coming to Hong Kong should try to take advantage of.


The whole spectacle lasts for approximately 90 minutes including the journey to get there and back. This is held during the evenings only and can onboard up to fifteen guests. When not booked privately, you may share the yacht with other hotel guests however should privacy be your preferred option, the hotel can curate an itinerary just for you – from food to personalisation.



This charter offering only goes to show The Peninsula Hong Kong’s extensive transport range – from their luxurious fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms to their customised helicopter, which also provides a host of customised experiences that we would most certainly recommend, especially for first timers to Hong Kong.



To end The Symphony of Lights, we recommend enjoying a chilled-out evening at Felix Restaurant. Serving up Modern European fare, the reason you would want to accompany the yacht experience with a dining experience at Felix is to end the evening with a view. Felix overlooks the stunning Victoria Harbour skyline vistas and with live music in the background what could end the night better? For those Peninsula fans or for those looking to ‘wow’ someone special to them, this itinerary could be a nostalgic if not story-telling one in the most magical of ways.


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