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Top villa locales for every season

As a principal (and co-founder) of a luxury villa business, I have the good fortune to select and stay at fabulous multi-million dollar villas around the word as part of my job description.
Although there are countless destinations around the world that I have had the chance to visit, the following are my top picks for each season.

For the late summer months, hands down, I choose La Jolla, California. Who can argue with 72 degree weather, a quaint downtown with a myriad of bistros and coffee shops where one doesn’t even need a car? What’s more, how does it get any better than to be right beside the gorgeous Pacific Ocean?

In my younger days, I loved to ski and while I was never a Black Diamond kind of guy, I can tough my way down most ski trails and I am absolutely at my finest by the fire in a homely lodge.

These days during the ski season, I love to stay at one of my favourite mansions in Lake Tahoe from my villa inventory…where I can even accommodate my 40 closest friends, should I ever want to.

For Springtime, I take off to the charming hidden Mexican treasure of The Riviera Nayarit. There I visit any or all of the 16 little towns that make up the area, each with its individual flavor.

However, the place I most enjoy staying is in the villa at Punta De Mita, that enjoys all of the privileges of the nearby Four Seasons and St. Regis.

Finally, for early Summer, how can one ever beat a private Greek island with accommodations designed to mirror a beautiful whitewashed village, complete with two award-winning restaurants and a 5 Star Spa? My villa pick here is one of the exquisite villas on the little known island of Amorgos.

Peter BurnsSerial luxury travel entrepreneur, Peter Burns III, specialises in the establishment and operation of niche market multi-location businesses.

In the past 40 years of business formation and ownership, Peter has started, run, sold, and/or expanded over 100 individual businesses in dozens of fields. He is currently focusing on luxury holiday rentals at at Asset Exchange Collection.

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