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Yauatcha’s Delectable Mooncakes

Yauatcha’s mooncakes are a treat in themselves – oh why can’t they serve them all year long? We were anticipating Yauatcha’s mooncake this Mid-Autumn Festival in London and were delighted to be able to get our hands on not only one but two of their mooncake versions – custard-filled and snowskin filled with a sweet pandan and salted egg center. Both versions are worth ordering as they offer a semi-traditional and non-traditional style of mooncake, and of course they tasted wonderful. 

The original mooncake is made of a dense sweet lotus paste and a salted egg center however as many people found this much too dense and heavy in flavour, the custard-filled version became the alternative and a much more popular version. Yauatcha’s custard-filled mooncakes have a wonderfully light exterior and the custard center is what you would want to be tasting – milky with a hint of vanilla, not too sweet, striking that perfect balance. The snowskin versions were beautifully and delicately presented – moulded in a floral design we found these to be especially delectable right out of the fridge as it felt like you were eating a sort of ice cream mochi. The pandan center was refreshing with a hint of coconut aftertaste and the salted egg yolk provided that balance in flavour. 

These mooncakes would make wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for family and friends as they are packed and presented in a fun and vibrant box. There are two types of boxes available, a pack of 6 or a pack of 12 and you can also buy them individually. Should you be dining at Yauatcha you can also order these for dessert. 

We recommend ordering soon as these won’t be available for long. Order yours now by visiting https://www.yauatcha.com/order/

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