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The Sybarite Christmas Guide – Fornasetti’s Celestial Candle

This Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a Fornasetti candle. Astronomici is Fornasetti’s 2019 Autumn collection taken from the artists celestial plates and turning it into a fascinating and imaginative candle sure to delight the home and senses. Woody, sensual, slightly smoky and exuding luxurious comfort, the Astronomici is a genuinely beautiful scent that envelopes the mind and body. Its understated tones of smokiness and overall perfumed roundness has created this delicate fragrance that is unique in itself, so versatile yet so distinctive.



Made of ingredients such as Orris, Cedarwood and Birch gives Astronomici its smokiness whilst the brands perfumed incense brings the scents roundness. Why this makes a unique gifting idea is because generally, one can go wrong when gifting someone a scent-related present, particularly with candles – some can pose too strong and intense whilst others can be completely disagreeable to the olfactory senses. Afterall, scent is such a personal thing and unless you know what the person your gifting likes in a scent, it can be a real challenge and sometimes, a risk. That is why we’ve spent the time to burn Astronomici and test its scent factor. After approximately 3 to 4 hours, you just want the scent to linger. Not only does it smell luxurious and of high-quality, but it is inviting and even captivating. Astronomici takes you on an uplifting journey of calm, wonderment and silent thoughts.  It is a precious candle that you’d want to burn near your bedside table whilst reading a book, s candle you’d want to burn when taking a break from the kids, from daily life and its stresses. Just for a moment, to be whisked off into stillness is what we think, Astronomici is all about.




The zodiac illustrations are stunning making for a great decorative piece too, but should you opt for an alternative artwork, Metafisca is Fornasetti’s signature and most well-known piece. It features the artists muse, Lina Cavalieri who was also an artist during the 19th and 20th century but was also considered “the most beautiful woman in the world”. Thus, this became Fornasetti’s recurring theme in almost 400 variations. Whichever you choose, the scent speaks for itself and though the candle itself may fade overtime, what you get in the end, is a timeless porcelain trinket that can be used for various things, or even to collect.



These candles come in various sizes ranging from a 300g home scented candle, a 900g large scented candle to 1.9kg luxury scented candle. We can say for certain, that there will not be any regret when gifting this to someone. The only regret might be that you didn’t get one for yourself.



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