| Cherelle Patterson

ZeroFat: The Innovative Machine For Fitness On Your Terms

What if you could burn up to 800 calories in 45 minutes, relax, answer your emails and feel the benefits of working out without barely lifting a finger? Our influencer, Cherelle Rose, tried out the new innovative ZeroFat Machine at The Sanderson Hotel to see for herself whether this machine lived up to the hype.
The new ZeroFat machine sheds pounds faster than ever before. Gone are the days when you would have to run a half marathon to burn 800 calories. The ZeroFat machine is the only tool you’ll ever need to achieve your fitness goals. Not only does it burn those unwanted calories but it also has built-in infra-red light therapy technology to boost the skin’s collagen, which means you can also say goodbye to cellulite.
Cherelle tries out the Zero Fat machine
This innovative machine has so many perks. Have you ever had a very strenuous weights session at the gym and then 2-3 days after you can’t move a single muscle in your body? A 45-minute session on the ZeroFat machine will help relax, soothe and stretch those muscles, making it the perfect cool down technique to aid recovery.
The ZeroFat machine is used by many athletes as a source of cardio and relaxation, it encourages the breakdown of fat cells to create the most effective workout, increases your body’s natural production of the human growth hormone which keeps us youthful and purifies the body and mind by detoxifying and removing liposoluble heavy metals.
ZeroFat also means zero time wasted, zero effort and zero boredom. This machine is designed to keep you entertained – you can watch your favourite TV series and catch up on the latest news using the machines integrated android device, which means you can exercise on your terms.
This machine is highly recommended – whether you’re just wanting one off sessions every now and then or wish to become a regular user, it has been luxuriously designed to give you the best experience. This will change your approach to working out and will give you the all round results that you’ve slaved over in the gym for years.
ZeroFat is a machine is for anyone from beginners to athletes and will follow you and adapt to your fitness journey.
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