| Karin Bylund

A private stately office servicing for the cash rich “I-phone generation”

In London’s Mayfair a new sort of office has been set up specifically targeted at high net-worth millennial’s seeking sound advice on business-related matters whether it’s an interest in property, investing in a company, finding the right lawyer, to the lifestyle aspect of things such as yacht and aircraft charter to finding the right holiday or villa rental. And no, it is not a concierge service but rather a personal private office providing tailored solutions to its clients through its team of world-class professional advisers and external associates.

It began when its founders Chris Byrne and David Price, realized that there was a definitive lack in the advisory and services sector for the younger generations of ultra high net worth individuals, and that the services provided to their parents and grandparents may not necessarily meet the criteria of the new super rich generation today. With PGS, their role is to provide exactly those advisory services on a micro level to offer their most comprehensive business-related services that will ultimately help each client fulfill their expectations. When it comes to projects that may be outside of PGS’s expertise, they will take on the best experts in the field to carry out the assignment. In the end, it is all about optimization.


Besides advising, PGS houses its own picturesque offices in Mayfair’s 25 Upper Brook Street, for the client’s disposal. The boardroom for example, was designed by renowned Louis Henri and can seat up to twelve delegates. Almost as if it were a stately Mayfair residence on its own, the boardroom and the study have been meticulously designed to provide a regal, comfortable and luxurious setting to host meetings both formal and informal. Accents include bespoke Gareth Batowski designed boardroom, artworks by Damien Hirst, state of the art video and audio conference facilities and a wonderful terrace that can be used as an entertainment space.

The PGS concept certainly isn’t all that new, but it does offer the cash rich millennial who is serious about their own corporate affairs and needs a team that ‘gets’ their generation, to provide solutions and fulfill requirements in an environment such as a private office.

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