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The Sybarite’s Favourite Accessories for Travelling With Kids

Being out and about with kids means one thing, there is no such thing as travelling light! So here at the Sybarite we have put together the ultimate list of travel accessories to make your family day out that little bit easier.

Buggyboard Maxi+

With my son being just 3 when my daughter was born, I was really undecided what to do regarding a pushchair when out and about. It seemed pointless buying a new double buggy as my son only really needed it when his legs got tired or I needed to speed things up. I therefore decided to give the Lascal Buggyboard Maxi+ a try and I am so glad I did. It’s perfect for kids between 2 to 6 years old weighing up to 22kg (48lb), and allows the child to hop on when they get tired. It also has a little seat for them to sit down, which can be neatly tucked away to allow for standing room or folded down for a safe seat.  I found it really easy to attach to the pushchair and when it is not in use you can simply lift and hook it out of the way, and it doesn’t get in the way whilst walking at all. Having tried other brands of board this is definitely my winner, and now I couldn’t live without it.




This is a great accessory for family holidays, and made sleeping on the go a lot easier for my daughter. It also meant that we weren’t cooped up in our hotel room while she slept in her cot during the day.  SnoozeShade is Britain’s best-selling range of baby sunshades and sleep aids for your pram, buggy or pushchair – they fit over any pushchair and completely block out any light, providing a significant level of sun protection. Made from a double layer of breathable, lightweight and stretchy mesh fabric that blocks 97.5% of UV rays, Snoozeshade’s allow fresh air to circulate whilst also providing protection from wind, chill and insects when the central panel is closed or in sleep mode.

If my daughter woke whilst using the Snoozeshade, it remained dark enough inside that she was able to go back to sleep without any problems. There are four SnoozeShades in the range; I opted for the Plus Deluxe as it has a large front panel which fully opens for easy access to your child and also an integrated front pocket to store shade and snooze panels when not in use.



Pacapod Bag

When I had my daughter, I started using a sling much more than I had done when my son was young, which meant I needed a changing bag that I could wear on my back but that also looked stylish for trips into town. PacaPod was named Best Changing Bag in 2016 by Loved by Parents, NAPPA Awards and The Bump, and I can see why. Not only did it fit everything I needed to carry in one bag, it made me and look on-trend too, plus I suddenly became far more of an organised mum. I opted for the black Hartland which is finished in supple faux leather. These bags are all about the Pods; there is a ‘Changer Pod’ with internal pockets and an insulated ‘Feeder Pod’, as well as a changing mat. These Pods make it so much easier to organise your baby stuff, and easy to find what you need when you are out and about. They fold completely flat when not in use, are easy to clean and feature a secure, adjustable clip which fastens over one hand or onto any pram handle, freeing up more space in the changing bag if needed.

PacaPod is the brainchild of Jacqueline Waggett, an outdoor clothing designer, world traveller and mum of two. She created the brand in 2006 to simplify travelling and leaving the house with tots in tow. Today PacaPod is widely recognised as the most practical changing bag on the market thanks to the innovative 3-in-1 ‘baby organisation system’ inside each bag. Not only is the bag practical and stylish but it is also comfortable to wear on long days out and is just as convenient when using the pram.



Summer Nights Gro muslins

All parents are different and have different needs when it comes to their children, but if there is one essential item that every parent needs, it’s the muslin. Being a massive fan of the Gro Company, I have never been disappointed with their new products and these super sized muslins are yet again a great addition to their range. Much larger than a standard muslin, they have been designed for parents on the go, giving you more options and flexibility when you’re out. I use mine in the pram as either a shield or a blanket to prop my children up. They can also be used as a burp cloth, nursing cover, play or change mat, swaddle towel and more. Each pack includes 2 muslins with trendy star design and they also have a built-in insect shield to keep those nasty holiday critters at bay.



My Carry Potty

Potty training can be quite a mission, especially when you are out and about. My Carry Potty is a great portable toilet for your little one, meaning they are never caught short. Not only is it great for those initial first weeks of potty training, but for us it is still a life-saver for my son who has been dry for over a year, because there is never any knowing when I will be told he needs to go! This award winning potty is leak proof, hygienic and easy to carry. There is no need for plastic bags and the designs are pretty cool too.



Cheeky Chompers MultiMuslin

Cheeky Chompers do some lovely accessories for children and the multimuslin is no exception. Made of beautiful organic muslin it has 6 clever uses, including a breastfeeding cover, pram cover, teething rings, burp cloth, swaddle and blanket. I have mainly been using it when feeding my baby out and about as it is so easy to place around your neck and and allows you some privacy while not restricting your baby. The silicon teething rings are removable and super safe for your little one, but they also act as great hooks when you want to attach the muslin to the pram, allowing it to act as a sun shade or just to create a quiet environment for sleeping. With so many uses this is definitely a must have for every new mum.




Most parents would agree that when out and about with children there is no such thing as travelling light. That’s what makes the Totseat such an invaluable addition to family life. Recommended for babies and toddlers aged 6-30 months, this is the original travel highchair. This lightweight, compact and versatile chair harness anchors your child safely and comfortably in almost any dining chair. It is designed to be adjusted quickly and easily for all shapes and sizes. The best thing about this is that it’s pocket-sized and comes in a small, handy bag which means you hardly notice you’re carrying it with you, and for those times when a highchair is unavailable it makes dining out a dream.



Vital Unbelievabowl

Weaning and feeding on the move can be really fun but it can also be very messy, especially when out with baby. This convenient travel set is designed to stick to your baby’s highchair or table top with ultimate, super suction power. This travel set includes an additional bowl for mealtimes away from home and a lid with a hygienic spoon cover to prevent a messy bag after feeding. Each set also has a colour coordinated Soft Tip and Grip Feeding Spoon for total convenience. The Unbelievabowl™ is suitable for when baby wants to start feeding themselves, and can be used with baby led weaning. It is also the perfect size for first meals and trouble-free feeding. Simple and easy to attach in 4 easy steps, once it is securely locked in position your baby will not be able to remove the bowl or spill its contents, making mealtimes on the move less messy and ultimately less stressful.



Izmi Carrier

Since having my second child I have really taken to using the carrier, meaning I am free to still hold my son’s hand. I have always preferred a more structured carrier, but wanted the softness of a wrap, which is why I have fallen in love with the Izmi carrier. The material is a soft brushed cotton; it’s sturdy and strong yet soft and flexible, supporting the weight of your baby while giving the comfort of a fabric sling or wrap. It is adaptable and adjustable without being fiddly. I can easily get this on without needing help and I am also able to get my baby out of it while keeping her asleep. The base width of the carrier can be adjusted by simply opening up the waist strap and adjusting the Velcro tabs to the correct width for your baby to be comfortably supported knee to knee.

This newborn insert acts like a little booster cushion, bringing your newborn higher so their head and face is visible above the top of the material. There is no padding anywhere on the carrier and while this may put some people off, it is so well designed that padding really isn’t needed. The weight of the baby is simply spread over the whole of the wearer’s body. You can spread the straps wide, dispersing the weight across your shoulders and back. I have spent all day with just the carrier and it has been not only comfortable, but so easy to put on and off. It also folds up small when you are not using it. I would highly recommend this carrier to any new mums who are searching for the perfect carrier.



Koo-di pop up travel bassinet
I was in a real dilemma about what to take on holiday for my 4 month old to sleep in and then I discovered Koo-di’s pop-up travel bassinette. This is great for anyone who is travelling with a new baby as it is lightweight, easy and quick to assemble and fits into a 28cm diameter carry bag.
It comes with it’s own mattress and attachable mosquito net and is suitable for babies up to 6 months who can’t sit up on their own.  My little one looked so cosy in the bassinette and slept well, during the day and at night. It only weighs 1 kg so is great if you are flying and have weight restrictions. For those parents who are going to do a lot of travelling in the first few months of babies life, this is a great product.
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