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America Revealed – Discover what America is really all about

North America does not get enough credit for its exploratory appeal. The continent has plenty for visitors to discover, and the best way to experience its uniqueness and beauty might just be through a different kind of road trip. To experience what America is really all about, let The Sybarite introduce a company founded by Sam Highly. Highly initially felt that ‘America was not “different” enough’ and ‘envisaged a Hollywood-esque world, a place lacking an interesting culture where the cities were modern and ugly’, but found he was very wrong.

Based in Venice, California, his company, All Roads North, is at the heart of curating an American adventure, an adventure that seeks to bring out the culture and nature of the country. ‘I want to show people what I have found, to create a collection of the most unexpected, authentic journeys this country has to offer. In a time when everyone is looking for their own unique experience and their own kind of adventure, America has much more to offer than the modern pop-culture image might suggest’, Highly says.

The planning process is fairly simple – All Roads North will design your unique ‘Journey Book’ after gaining a thorough understanding of your likes and dislikes. The team will fine-tune the itinerary until it is 100% to your satisfaction. Included in the Journey Book is a visual summary of your suggested trip, followed by a quote. A deposit is taken before confirmation of the trip.

From restaurant reservations during the trip to birthday surprises, the team takes a personal approach to the entire itinerary. Due to All Roads North’s uniqueness in its ability to curate everything, the experience is unmatched. You will get to see America in a different light, driving suggested routes and breaking at suggested stop points.

Why not discover the West Coast’s volcano-lined Cascades or perhaps the Rocky Mountains, for those who ‘crave wide open spaces and the chance to get back to nature’?

This is one road trip that is going to change how you see America.

For a curated American road trip, get in touch.

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