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Crowning Glory – Arabella Rose Salon Review

Hair extension specialist and blow dry bar Arabella Rose sits far out of the city, in an unassuming part of Buckinghamshire, so why should you travel all the way from central London to the end of the Metropolitan line? Because Arabella Rose understands the importance of hair, and how precious it is, not only to for superficial reasons but for a woman’s wellbeing.

I have personally been to a few extension hairdressers in London and none quite matches the level of dedication and care than when I was in the chair with celebrity hair stylist Noushin Arshad, Director and Founder of Arabella Rose. From the natural hair matching process to the colour, every step was carefully considered and put to the test. I opted for micro-ring hair extensions; a technique that’s free of glue, heat, chemicals, sewing or braids – resulting in no damage to your own hair. This is the preferred method at Arabella Rose, combining strands of your natural hair with the handmade extension hair, which is then sealed and locked into place using tiny, undetectable rings. Arabella Rose have manufactured and designed their own rings, in different sizes and colours, making this method suitable for everyone.

“We believe micro-rings to be the best hair method. They provide maximum comfort and durability without the need for chemicals or heat, meaning they are kind to your hair,” says Noushin, “The single most important thing you can do is invest in high quality real human hair which is applied by a professional. If low quality hair is used, the hair will matte and tangle and be a nightmare to manage. When high quality real hair is used, there is no reason why you can’t straighten and dye your extensions like normal hair.”

Speaking of high quality hair, Arabella Rose uses only the finest and most fabulous Russian hair, a precious harvestable commodity. The combination of good genetics, climatic conditions and dietary factors ensure that Russian hair is durable, manageable, soft and shiny. The colour-matching is so incredible; picking out three different colours of blonde and a little brunette to match the tones of my hair. These were then applied to my roots, taking great care in avoiding some thinning of the scalp and using a zig-zag pattern at the back so it’ll be difficult to spot the extensions when the wind blows!

My new lovely long-hair was then styled to camouflage my own straggly bits of hair et viola! I was turned into a Disney princess/mermaid in under three hours! Luckily, the hair can be kept for up to a year, so long as maintenance is kept in check! One very important aftercare point other salons fail to mention is that after washing, one must separate each extension by the root so no matting occurs. Other than that, you must follow each point of maintenance – it really isn’t difficult or time-consuming and in that case, your natural hair won’t be harmed. “Contrary to hair extensions damaging the natural hair, as long as they are applied correctly by a qualified professional they can improve greatly in condition,” says Noushin.

“The combination of less styling and less heat allows the natural hair to strengthen and become healthier over time. It won’t snap so easily and become dry like it often did before you got your extensions. Your hair can also improve, as clients avoid colouring their hair so much, we can create most of the colour from extensions, meaning less damage from heat and bleach.” I can not recommend Arabella Rose enough. Having a hair stylist who not only pays attention to your needs, but also suggests ways in which to improve your look is a godsend. It’s also completely worth the 40-minute journey to the very outskirts of West London.

Take a look at Arabella Rose’s website here.


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