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BelleCell Regeneration Clinic – Review

In a quiet and unassuming courtyard to the rear of the Ritz lies the secret to total wellness on a molecular level. 

Descending the spiral staircase to, the rumoured, Churchill’s Wine cellar is a journey into a space that he would not recognise. Although wine is not stored in the vaults, what has replaced the space, is light, airy and ultra modern array of therapies and technologies. Each designed to enable you to promote longevity, optimise performance, enhance beauty and quality of life.

This month The Sybarite where lucky enough to be invited for a four hour long journey to relaxation. On entering the vaults of BelleCell, we were greeted by our Doctors for the afternoon. Our journey started with a short but thorough questionnaire to determine our life-style, health concerns and goals for the future. From these concerns and wishes, a mixture of complementary treatments and therapies are determined to reach each goal. 

The first focus of the experience focused on the specific needs of our skin, and the areas we would like to improve upon. Like many, the wish for clean, poreless, glowing and youthful skin is the aim. To reach these goals, a “Futuristic Facial” was prescribed, each aspect of the therapy explained with an informative and calming tone, detailing the benefits and the science behind each of the treatments. Starting with a Cellu M6 endermologie facial to encourage blood flow and plum the skin, followed by LED light therapy with a tailored combination of colours, red light to increase energy and cell reproduction, green to kill bacteria and yellow to stimulate collagen. To finish the rejuvenating facial, cooled cryo-balls to close the pores and lock in the seriums. An extremely welcoming sensation on a hot day in the city.

Feeling suitably refreshed we were taken to the next phase of our journey, to experience the healing benefits of IV Laser therapy. Not your standard spa treatment, it involves an LED laser being attached to your arm via a small cannula. Similarly to the LED light therapy for your skin, the laser uses different spectrums of light to aid the immune system, increases energy levels, and promote healing from within your bloodstream. Proving that the treatments on offer at the BelleCell are more than skin deep. 

Now rejuvenated, we finished the afternoon with some serious relaxation in the form of a Zero-gravity full body massage. This space-age massage chair is light years away from what you may expect, as it detects each body shape for an accurate massage. Sit back and relax as airbag compression technology mimic kneading motion to simultaneously massage your back, legs, arms and even the soles of your feet. All the while the chair itself reclines and shifts your body weight, releasing tension and gentle stretching of muscles, giving the sensation of weightlessness.  

Emerging once again from the vaults of BelleCell is akin to the emergence of a caterpillar from its chrysalis. The melding of therapies and treatments, each complementing each other, leaves you with a spring in your step and your head in the clouds. 

BelleCell Clinic

Address: 21 Arlington St, St. James’s, London SW1A 1RN

Phone: 020 7495 2768

Website: https://bellecell.com/

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