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Carolyne Faulkner Decodes the Stars

Whilst working in the entertainment industry, Carolyne Faulkner began studying astrology and meditation, quickly discovering that through analysis of her birth chart, she could identify her personality traits, both good or bad and use them to her advantage.  Since then, Carolyne has gone on to host in-house astrology sessions at Soho House and Harrods, and now boasts a loyal roster of A-list clients. 


‘Nobody’s future is written in the stars,’ Carolyne says, ‘but astrology can help you create yours by understanding both your own and other people’s behaviours.’ Carolyne categorises signs into ‘gone wrong’ and ‘gone right’, forcing you to face the bad parts in an effort to heal. ‘Because my coaching method is based on the stars, I take something that someone else would spend two pages examining and put it into a couple of sentences,’ says Carolyne. Combining her 13-years of life coaching expertise with her knowledge of  astrology, Carolyne creates a bespoke therapy session for self-improvement. Throughout history we have looked to the stars for answers, but with astrology at the heart  of a new and growing wellness trend, this method of astrological self-help is in high demand.


After receiving  Carolyne’s first book ‘Decode the Stars’ for Christmas,  I was keen to learn more, so I signed up for a session over Skype. Intrigued by what she might uncover, we began  by mapping out my birth chart through time, date and place of birth – this is incredibly important, so if you don’t know the time, ask your mother! Next, we identified my  sun sign, more commonly known as your star sign (mine is Scorpio).


First, Carolyne tells me there is a lot of Virgo in my chart, this means I am inconceivably critical of myself and  I am wasting time trying to be constantly perfect, always looking for the next thing without celebrating what I have already achieved (prepare yourselves she is brutally honest). She then points out that with my Capricorn in the 4th house, I am prone to anxious traits and an eagerness to please, which in turn stops me appreciating all the things I have achieved so far, always looking for the next big thing – so far, her analysis feels pretty accurate. As we continue Carolyne acknowledges my signature Scorpio traits such as empowerment. I do like to empower people and I guess this stems from my huge interest in fashion, identity and very strong feminist beliefs. ‘Being a Scorpio means you have natural empathy, you take on other people’s energy a lot of the time and have a tendency to get too involved, sometimes to your own detriment.’ Hmm, I suppose I am guilty of this –  note to self, I need to relax and give myself the benefit of the doubt as there is no way to evolve or grow otherwise. My session with Carolyne has definitely left me with some food for thought, unveiling the good, the bad and the ugly. However, I found her astrological assessment very insightful, particularly as she was so on point with her advise.  


Carolyne’s message to the sceptics – “Use the book for a week and to the letter. If it doesn’t enhance your life, that’s fine by me, but  you can’t discredit something until you’re educated about it.”


Appointments with Carolyne begin from £180 for an hour’s session, but those keen to know more can buy her new book, The Signs, for £9.99, which explains how to plot your own birth chart and analyse it.

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