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The World’s Most Unique Luxury Spa Treatments

Everyone deserves to be pampered and have a day at the spa, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit and try a new treatment. We’ve picked the best and most unique spa experiences in the world.

We all have a look at the spa packages hotels have to offer when we’re booking our next destination, but these hotels have created some of the most unique experiences that spas can offer, including nasal treatments and eye therapies.

Red & Black Pepper Lipolysis – Porto Elounda, Greece

This is an Intensively moisturising and thoroughly refreshing treatment incorporates the medicinal properties of both black & red pepper to encourage the breaking down of fatty tissue. A varied mixture of warm and cool techniques are used to help tone the body and is then followed by a firm massage to stimulate blood circulation.

The Porto Elounda Six Senses Spa also offers a wide variety of treatments, as well has the resort having its own golf course and multiple bars and restaurants. All villas include a private seawater swimming pool, 24-hour reception and sea views.

Farm to Facial – Borgo Egnazia Spa, Italy

Borgo Egnazia Spa has a menu list that smells as good as it feels; with lavender, mint, almond Milk, lemon, and camellia oil all being some of the ingredients used to create nurturing treatments that relax the senses and ensure an overall sense of well-being.

Borgo Egnazia is located in the Puglia region of Italy and if you can manage to book into the Villa Padronale or ‘The Owners Villa’ then you will get access to the private pool as well as the butler and private chef.

Himalayan Heart Stone Massage – Fusion Maia, Vietnam

This tropical spa paradise is located on the east coast of Vietnam and the Fusion Maia Spa offers a Himalayan Heart Stone Massage. This is a gentle, alkalising therapy that uses gently heated heart-shaped salt stones as well as pomelo oil to increase the feeling of inner peace. The warm stones soothe any aches and pains while gently easing muscles that are tense. The stones are believed to have positive ions which are meant to rid your body from any harmful and negative vibrations and clear the air around you.

The Grande Beach Villa features its own private pool, as well as stunning sea views; there are also two restaurants on site.

Colour Therapy – The Banjaran, Malaysia

Whilst at this tropical jungle hideaway, why not indulge in some Chromotherapy, which is a technique that uses colours to stimulate your bodies vibrations and adjust them to frequencies that promote better health and harmony. An increased level 0f physical and spiritual healing is achieved by adjusting the frequencies in your body to individual colour frequencies and re-shaping the energy inside you.

The villas at the Banjaran feature private outdoor rainwater showers as well as private pools, and the resort has two restaurants as well as thermal Steam Caves and Ice Baths.

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