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Own a Luxury Personal Submarine

Those who enjoy exploring deep waters might consider the luxurious Triton 3300/3 – a submersible that can reach remarkable depths of up to 3,300 feet. Being the first of its kind to have encountered the giant squid underwater, this particular model from Triton Submarines, LLC has become popular. According to the company, aboard this fascinating submersible that can hold two passengers and one pilot, ‘it is quite likely that you will experience a part of the ocean that no one on Earth has seen before. And you are doing it in perfect air-conditioned comfort and safety, quite possibly with a flute of excellent champagne in one hand.’


The sleekly designed submersible may be placed on a yacht, so that yacht-owners can easily jet underwater whenever they wish. Otherwise, Triton can provide a submarine and support vessel for less than $6 million.

A submersible of Triton’s kind is not as complex as one might think: It is simple to operate and maintain, perhaps even more so than other yacht-based equipment or a helicopter. Furthermore, there is no need to employ a crew, since Triton can train existing crewmembers to fully operate and maintain the luxury submersible. Should you become an experienced pilot, you will be among only 400 worldwide, which makes this a rather exclusive opportunity.


So, what does it feel like to be in one of these Tritons? Every Triton contains a bubble-like acrylic hatch that gives you a completely undisturbed view of the underwater universe. Each luxury submarine is fully air-conditioned and temperature and pressure controlled. The makers say, ‘Regardless of the operating depth of the submarine…passengers do not experience any of the pressure-induced physiological effects experienced by scuba divers (e.g. bends, nitrogen narcosis, etc.). A guest aboard a submarine can stay comfortably submerged for as long as desired, and the submarine can dive or surface at any rate…it is one of the key reasons that our submarines can be enjoyed by anyone from five to 95 years of age.’

The 1000/1 HS is Triton’s incredible one-person submersible and also the world’s first high-speed machine capable of diving to 1,000 feet. Painted red and featuring amazing manoeuvrability, they aptly describe it as the ‘Ferrari of the undersea world’. ‘The 15-knot burst speed (10 knots continuous) is unmatched in the world of personal submersibles. For the photographer, explorer, marine scientist or documentary filmmaker, no other submersible lets you interact with marine life like the Triton 1000/1 HS. Captain Nemo look out!

Triton has a series of luxury submersibles to meet different requirements, including mission profile and number of passengers. If you are interested in exploring huge barrel sponges, photo-luminescent creatures or rare invertebrates and unique deep-water fish and sharks, well, the Triton is certainly one machine to consider.

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