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Sybarite Selection: Holiday Essentials

Join The Sybarite Club to access all our unique luxury experiences, this week presenting our editor’s pick: Villa Aéres in Skiathos – the Greek island which featured prominently in the work of its most famous son, author Alexandros Papadiamandis. The influential Greek novelist, short-story writer and poet is on record as saying: “I interrupted my studies and stayed in my fatherland.” Spend the smallest amount of time at Villa Aeres and you’ll soon see why. Set against a backdrop of two of Skiathos’ most beautiful beaches, this spectacular property is the first word in luxury, the last and most of those in between.

Surrounded by too many Mediterranean plants to mention, the mansion boasts an infinity pool, 320 sqm terrace, outdoor movie theatre and summer living room. The perfect place from which to enjoy a cheeky sundowner or two. The bedrooms – there are six in total to choose from, across two floors – all come equipped with ensuite bathrooms you could lose yourself in. Trust The Sybarite when we say that once you’ve settled in at Villa Aeres, you won’t have an easy time leaving. However if you manage to tear yourself away from the stunning property, keep your eyes peeled for Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. The Hollywood power couple are regulars on Skiathos – one of the few Greek islands to have its own airport – having fallen in love with the picturesque spot.

Contact info@thesybarite.org to start your experience.

gemma weston-8580(1)Missing out on the X Dubai Flyboard® World Cup experience? The Sybarite knows you want to make your summer holiday extra fun. We have selected the latest release from Zapata Racing – The V3 Pro Series Flyboard Kit. “Freedom of movement and unmatched accuracy control”, the advanced V3 Flyboard features with many exclusive design and engine system to give you a stable full throttle forward and back movement over water. The PWC add-on system provides you up to 60’ high above the water and also below the surface. All tests and measurements of force and torque were made thanks to advanced software comparable to those used in the design of Formula 1 vehicles.

Price: 5520 USD

image_30a6335f-87f8-437e-b237-6584634cd863_1024x1024A perfect clutch for an elegant evening. The young designer and founder Hannah Paget knows how to embody low key lux and strikes a balance between feminine and practical when it comes to design. The Jasmine bag is the ultimate gem of the collection, featuring many of the unique bespoke services such as a personalized fingerprint logo with precious metals and jewels of your choice.

Price: £995


Sony has a stylish solution for you to capture your memories light and with high definition. SONY ILCE-QX1, the attachable lens-style camera is an all-in-one gear allowing you enjoy your holiday by simply attaching it to your iOS or Android smartphone. For taking the perfect selfie, you can easy take the lens off, use it as an individual camera and synchronise with your smartphone screen. This product is a perfect for you to share flawless holiday pictures with friends and family instantly.

Price: 399.99USD

10960838-1904294068353547Sun-worshippers, take note! It’s SPF 50 and feels silky on your skin, the Eve Lom Daily Protection has multiple luxurious skin brightening and anti-ageing ingredients, whilst minimalising and blocking out sun damage.

With vitamins C and E to protect against the everyday environmental onslaught, niacinamide to stimulate collagen synthesis, Lactic acid also works to gently exfoliate and eliminate impurities and breakouts, this lotion has a dramatic impact on the texture, tone and luminosity of your skin, whilst creating an invisible – and completely weightless – barrier between your complexion and the elements, helping you to achieve beautifully radiant skin.

Price: £70

Vault 3

The Vault

Like to travel light? Seasoned wardrobe management and storage specialists Vault have extended their Travel Capsule concept to allow for easy, luggage-free international travel at the click of a button.

Now falling under the broader Vault brand, Vault Couture is but one of many services available in isolation and as a wider package to help protect your valuable time and defend your personal space. Offering comprehensive options for every wardrobe dilemma Vault can help you travel luggage-free with Travel Vault, take your entire wardrobe online with Virtual Vault, rotate your seasonal and sporting items with Seasonal Vault and even store your precious personal items with Bridal, Baby or Art Vault.

By Jassie Tseng

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