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Take me away – Europe’s best wellness retreats

I am in heaven, something you will likely want to hear yourself saying when surrendering to a wellness retreat. With an overabundance of retreats in Europe how do you know to pick the right one that is the best for you? In particular, one in which you will retain the knowledge you perhaps did not have of your own bodily functions and – as a result – the changes you can make to improve your well being in the long run?

The Sybarite knows that each individual’s concern is different and therefore we have handpicked some of the most unique wellness retreats in Europe that accommodate the individual’s preferences to suit their particular needs with one common goal: to improve your wellbeing.



Bodhimaya - Europes' best wellness retreats (1)
Bodhimaya – South of France

 A retreat that shies away from the generic and adheres to individual attention is rejuvenation and detoxification haven, Bodhimaya located in the fairy-tale setting that is Cotignac, South of France. Housed in a charming chateau, the retreats commence during the months of May and October lasting six nights taking a maximum of 14 guests. In order to tailor each individual’s retreat program, Bodhimaya will ask each guest to fill out an in-depth questionnaire concerning things like past and present health concerns motivations, habits and the like. Once gathered, their experts will devise a special detox program for you, however as it is all about you, areas that you wish to achieve whether its reducing stress levels, balancing out hormones or weight management, that will be the focus. Bodhimaya wants the individual to come to a place of relaxation and of course offers meditation and spa on its premises. Those residing in the city can also come to Bodhimaya’s clinic in London for a further array of consultations and programs.

Vale de Moses:


 For the wilderness explorer, Vale de Moses offers complete recluse in the breathtaking foothills of Serra de Estrela mountain range, Central Portugal. Here you will find tranquil space for daily yoga sessions, walks in the forest and mud baths. As the retreat is for someone in dire need of a break, their health consultation, massages and acupuncture treatments are all included in the price.

What makes Vale de Moses even more tempting is the nourishing meals prepared for guests. All their fruits and vegetables come from their neighbor’s gardens during the season and meals are wholesome and homely based on Ayurvedic principles.

Val de moses
Val de Moses – Central Portugal

 Sha Wellness Clinic


Located in the Mediterranean in a quaint town of Altea lies hospitality and clinic in one – Sha Wellness Clinic is an oasis of its own, with experts in aesthetic medicine, genetic medicine and anti-ageing to detoxing programs. Yet, the clinic also acts as a hotel with services and amenities to make the individual feel that their experience is world-class .

The clinic bases its methods on their experts, in particular, Michio Kushi who also advises reputable international organizations such as the UN and WHO.

The basis of its programs rely mostly on natural therapies and healthy eating while combining the latest advancements in Western medicine. With a host of programs from 1 week to a day, the Sha Wellness Clinic is there to cater to various wellbeing concerns with experts on hand to consult in the best way possible.

Castel Monastero


On Tripadvisor’s Hall of Fame and part of The Leading Hotels is Tuscany’s superb gourmet spa getaway, Castel Monastero. Besides its tranquil rooms and villas, this retreat has its very own special spa with its own sea oil pool, the “Aquae Monasterli”, especially designed for Monastero’s spa by the medical team of Thalasso del Forte. Wellness programs include weight loss, detox, anti-aging and even a Women’s Planet offering a selection of programmes and activities aimed at women covering everything from aesthetic to emotional aspects. Also new to this year are medical beauty treatments, osteopathy and somato-emotional release techniques as well as acupuncture sessions.

What makes Castel Monastero a gourmet spa is famed chef Gordon Ramsay who has developed a menu exclusively for them. Hence guests will receive their suitable dishes during the program, devised by the master chef himself.

Schloss Elmau


 One for the family is this spectacular retreat nestled in the panoramic setting of the Bavarian Alps; we think of Sister Maria roaming through the expansive mountains in Sound of Music when it comes to Schloss Elmau.

A true gem, this hotel is spread across two houses with 162 rooms and suites with 25 treatment rooms, 6 pools in 5 spas, a children’s club, yoga centre and even a concert hall. Their world-class albeit grand Badehaus Spa is stretched over four floors containing – without question – spa treatment rooms, infinity pool, salt water pool, a Finnish sauna and a salt steam room – the list goes on.

What makes this wellness retreat unique is that it caters to both parents and children. Parents can whisk off to paradise whilst the kids’ attention is grabbed by the wonderful activities on site. For teenagers tagging along with parents, they might be interested in Schloss Elmau’s expansive libraries and wonderful bookshop. What’s not to like?

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