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Create your own Champagne

Today, not only can you create your own bespoke scent, but you can also create your own Champagne with one of the most prestigious and 100% family owned Champagne houses in Vertu.

For those who love Champagne, then this experience is not one to miss. A new initiative launched by the Champagne house, champagne connoisseurs can now create their own personal blend or cuvée in this hands to its vineyards and cellars, oenophiles will be intimately introduced to the different cultivation methods, followed by the secrets in creating their wines and blends.



The Champagne house famously harvests three grape varieties Pinot Noir and Meunier on the individual days and includes a lunch and dinner. Should guests wish to prolong their stay, overnight accommodation can be planned for at a Michelin entire experience is to really get the participant immersed in the Champagne brand culture and delicate albeit fine processing methods to create, in the end, a wonderful cuvee.

The finished product comes engraved and should the creator wish to order more, there is a minimum order of 1,000. It is a truly personal and emotional journey as the finished product reveals the true taste and character of the budding wine maker.

Want to get started in creating your own brand of Champagne? Head on here to get started. 


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