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The Thoughtfulness Behind Gifting A Jo Malone London Scent




It’s that time of the year again only this time we’re all faced with a dire situation, that is of course the devastating pandemic. Though we’ve been able to head out somewhat given how many times restrictions keep changing, this gifting season has been a challenge unlike any other. Sometimes it’s just nice to pick out items we’re familiar with, items that continue to remain classic and items that are always loved time and time again. 

Enter Jo Malone London- scents most of us are familiar with and a brand that we know and love due to its brand spirit and its ability to invoke that classic statement scent as well as being the ideal gifting idea whatever the season or occasion. We wanted to spend more time delving deeper into three particular scents so that you might have a little more of an idea of what each one invokes and evokes. Or perhaps you are new and unsure of the type of fragrant notes you are looking for, whether for yourself or for someone you know. We chose three signature scents all carrying a different olfactory note, each a beauty in themselves.

Pomegranate Noir

One of Jo Malone’s London signature scents – the first whiff equals freshness, lightly smoked and sensuous in a most modest way. It’s a scent you want to keep taking in, curious and almost memorable. Under Jo Malone’s scent barometer, Pomegranate Noir is classified under the Woody collection made up of pomegranate, raspberry and plum together with smoky guaiac wood and patchouli. The guaiac wood, a small tree originating from Latin America is naturally fragrant and is responsible for that smoky and woody appeal in this scent. It adds a layer of depth and intrigue and certainly a scent that oozes mysteriousness without being too loud. A little seems to go a long way, with one or two spritz to give off enough of the scent so that it lingers for a couple of hours. Pomegranate Noir is a great idea for the winter season owing to the wood and spice elements of this scent. It is the perfect pairing over a cashmere or wool sweater. It feels comfortable, it’s not something you have to take time getting used to and it smells divine. If you’re new to Jo Malone or new to this particular fragrance, we promise you that Pomegranate Noir makes for the ideal gift idea.  Think of it as sitting by the fireplace cuddled together with your ultimate hot beverage in hand, enjoying the warmth of the moment elevated by the scent of Pomegranate Noir. A scent you can most certainly associate a particular time with. 



Wood Sage & Sea Salt 

The first thing we think of is airy, soft, citrusy, a hint of floral appeal and delicateness. Like Pomegranate Noir, this fragrance is classified under Jo Malone’s Woody scent barometer but unlike Pomegranate Noir this one is more delicate as opposed to intense. With top notes of ambrette seeds which have a similar scent to musk, a mid-layer of sea salt and base notes of sage, this might be a scent that takes a bit of time getting used to. After one or two spritz left after a few minutes, you mainly get the melodic residue of the sage and the hint of the ambrette seeds. Wood Sage & Sea Salt is earthy, mild and in terms of character it is serene. This is for someone that prefers something more delicate and fresh with a tiny hint of woody notes combined with something that is quite nostalgic. You keep going back to it wondering what it is.  For someone that enjoys wearing a bit more of a musky, delicate and fresh perfume, this might be a suitable idea. It reminds us of fresh laundry, the crashing of waves to the soft feel of cotton as you dive into the most plushest of duvets.  



Velvet Rose & Oud

Our firm favourite and a scent we keep coming back to is Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose & Oud. This is a more concentrated fragrance that isn’t overpowering and really manages to capture Rose and Oud in the most satisfying way. The scent is under Jo Malone’s Floral category with top notes of clove, a heart note of damask rose and a base note of oud. If we had to pick the best one out of the three, Velvet Rose & Oud would be at the top of our list. If you’re unsure, the 50ml bottle is the perfect way to explore this concentrated scent. It has depth, it is not shy but it is passionate. There is a story behind it for those who wear it and it is a scent that envelopes and captivates the individual. We don’t believe that it is a fragrance that you either like or don’t like, it speaks for itself and is simply beauty in a bottle. One spritz will do and you get that lingering scent of dark rose with a hint of velvety notes, perfect for the winter season. This is luxurious, rich without being overpowering. It is definitely stronger than Pomegranate Noir and Wood Sage & Sea Salt due to its concentration which is  why with this cologne intense a little goes a long way too. If there is one word to sum Velvet Rose & Oud, it is magnetic. 




Pomegranate Noir Candle 

It wouldn’t be complete without introducing a candle and what better thought than to envelope the home in a scent that you can appreciate and fall in love with. We chose the Pomegranate Noir candle because like its perfume which is a classic, the candle is similar. The 200g candle can burn for 45 hours and is perfect to place on your coffee table or any surface within the home where the scent is emitted freely. We love that you are able to personalize these candles with an engraving – what could be a better gift?



With so many scents to choose from, we hope we’ve given you some ideas whether for yourself or loved one. Times are hard but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the gifting season and choosing scents that bring warmth, fond memories and a touch of luxury. Sometimes classics like Jo Malone London are the best gifts to remind someone that everything will be ok and here is something to lift your spirits. 

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